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25 July 2020

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Missing someone

I am so sad today. This pandemia is taking so much away from me, and I am walking a thin line. A little bit out of balance and I will fall.... 

Today is Saturday, the beginning of the weekend, a time that should be re-charging, and I am fearful that will not happen. 

I lost a close family member last week. I lost my aunt, my godmother. I can't say that this was unexpected, it was not. I was told that what my aunt was withstanding a very advanced cancer, that evolved in a galloping way. Her passing was to be expected. She was under palliative care for these past weeks, and we all knew what the future would bring. Nevertheless, bereavement during covid times is for me unprecedented and... I don't know how to cope. 

I am facing bereavement apart from all my family. Since travelling is still very much impossible, I can't be mourning alongside my family. I wont be giving comfort or strength to my cousins that lost their mother, nor my father that lost his sister. Nor be receiving the comfort just by being there, together with my family.

Mourning apart means that I am not even realising the missing part.... Since I am already away and actually missing everyone. I am still digesting the news and realising that my aunt is gone.  I feel that  realisation will only happen once I am meeting everyone and she will not be there.   I will not, indeed I did not attend her funeral. I am not going through those little steps that make you close a journey that you experienced together. That help you untie your bonds, forged through the years of memories, moments, happiness, birthdays, Christmases... and yes, pain as well.

In between , now I am remembering moments I spent with her. Our Summer holidays, her artistic ways, her profound knowledge of history, and her love for our family.  This week I was remembering all those happy times I spent with her, poaching at the rocky beach, having cakes after a long warm day on the beach, even the fact that she was the one that introduced me as a child to the benefits of  large foamy long baths... This was such a long time ago, and these sweet memories are still here with me. And will always be here with me. My aunt was always there for my important moments. 

Yes, I am very much in grieve, and that's why  I am exploring and expressing these feelings on my blog.  I am losing, not only my aunt but the comfort and seeking help to cope with these feelings , with this pain with my close family. Hopefully indeed I am not alone, but my little ones  and my husband didn't know her as I did. Were not happy with her as I was... And in the end I am indeed grieving alone. And this is not a process that I am not used to.  I have experienced  loss before, my grandparents that were so  important to me.... however I never had to go through it alone. I attended their funerals. I said my good-beys.

Not the same as now, as I am far away.

Far from my  mother, my father, my brother....
I am untying the close bonds I had with my aunt alone. I don't have people around that  have met her, that know her that were close to her that can relate. That I can talk about her. That would understand this pain. 

So I am I am grieving, but unable to grieve together alongside my family. Its not only about the pain of loosing her. Its also the funeral that I missed, my opportunity to say my final goodbye. To have a sense of closure. I don't know how to recover from that. Its a loss within a loss. 

Yes, I have skype, Zoom and all these technologies that connect you with people. But somehow, all of this feels 'unconnected'. 



My family just skyped now. But I could not express this to them... They ask how are you.... I talk... But I don't speak. I don't express this. How can I? Because this asks for a hug that I cannot receive. A kiss that I cannot give. A physical touch that cannot go through all the wireless cables. There's no replacement for the warmth that is provided by physical presence. Of sharing the same room. Of saying, and sharing my good-beys.

 This is a loss within a loss.

Good-bey my lovely aunt. I am missing you. And I will not forget you.

17 July 2020

.....And Summer Break is here!

Hello everyone!

It has been such a long time since my last post. School is out, and summer break is here. 
Now its the time to think about what we will do during the Summer break during covid times. I know that most everyone is pretty much resuming their lives normally, but I will keep avoiding going out, and staying in as much as possible.

Yes, I am scared. I am still very much afraid. I now numbers around the south UK are looking better that most regions, but that doesn't mean we should not be alert. Covid is still very much real, and all care should be heavily sustained. It scares me that people are easing up their care, and becoming more adventurous, less distancing... And that is scary to me...

But I also understand that there are limits to staying indoors... having a measured approach to opening up and resuming a normal life is complex... My issue at the moment? I have zero confidence on how the UK government is doing this....

There's so much I have to say about this, but words do fail me. And I also don't want this post to be a breaking up of this government. This post is about me, my family... and how on earth are we going to survive this Summer break. I so need a strike of inspiration to keep going forward, keep keeping both kids happy, keep Summer fun and busy... Having a happy family as much as possible.... I usually seek guidance from the Internet, and other family's examples. But I see that most everyone now is being adventurous, going out, going on trips... And that is not something that I wish to do, you know.. for me covid is still very much out there!

So... get back to what my garden can offer! Gardening is one thing that we all did...but I think kids are getting a bit bored as there is so much growing sunflower we can do!

BBQ, oh yes, my husband will be most certainly as much as possible on grill duties...

So what suggestions do you have? Please give me a hand here...


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