25 June 2014

...and one more project!

Yes, I should just stop blogging about projects and just do those already, but I just seem to keep losing time somehow, and so the projects just keep piling up (as does my work!).
But as I was procrastinating over the web, I came across this cute Fabric Elephant, and so a new project emerges: sew a fabric elephant! As I have several jeans to recycle, one of those will be converted into a cute Fabric Elephant… Now, the impossible…I just have to find the time to do it…!
Let’s see how this week (weekend?) goes… You will soon find out, if some pictures are posted later on!


18 June 2014

Projects! Projects! Projects!

It has been way too long since my last post!
I haven't been doing any crafts or projects since then, but I have way too many projects on my mind...
But first things first, I do have to finish some projects that I started and haven't completed yet... Hopefully I will be able to complete some over the weekend, and will be posting some cute pictures then...!
But now what projects are occupying my procrastinating mind (yes, procrastinating because at the moment I should be more focused on my PhD rather than my crafts projects... but i should approach this topic over other blog post!).
Let’s start with a list of unfinished projects to complete:

  1.  Flowers paintings - I started around January a set of three acrylic paintings of flowers that desperately need to be completed and hanged!  
  2.  Birds mobile – Some may already know about these cute birds mobile that spool sewing gently gives the template; I already finished the birds, now I just have to attach them to some wood dowels and hang it! 
  3.  Reupholster chairs – This will take more time, I have three chairs in need of reupholstering, and already have the fabric for it, but just haven’t the time to start this reupholstering project. So this project will take more time to be done.
And now the new ones:

  1. More flower paintings – It must be weather; I just can’t get enough of flowers in the walls…! 
  2.  Recycle old jeans into a hand bag 
  3.  More fabric pouches – I have this cute oilcloth fabric that needs to be sown into a large pouch…
For now this is it…. I bet that there are more projects to be taken…but let’s not be too ambitious (as if I don’t have enough to do)!

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