27 January 2016

My ATC is done!

And already sent!

As usually, it was done at the last minute, even though I already knew what I would be making over a month. You might know, through my last post, that my inspiration was a winter drawing that I made. Although a few bits were still unclear (how I would be making the snow and the owls wings), I knew that I would be embroidering most of it, as I did in the end.

For the main bodies I used felt appliqué but to represent wings and feather I  did a simple backstitch for mummy owl wings, although with various threads. For baby owl I used satin stitch. I used a second appliqué for the owl's tummy, and again to give a sense of feathers I used feather stitch.

The owls eyes were really funny to make. Again, appliqué with some embroidering. For mummy owl I used French knot for both eyes, and back stitch for baby owl's eyes.

I decided to use seed stitch to represent snow. The tree was simplest to make, appliqué with running stitch.
I had to hurry a bit towards the end, 

but I still managed to do some embroidery on the back:

It’s already on its way…so now is a matter of learning how my swap partner feels about my little work!


18 January 2016

Inspiration for my ATC

It's that time once again, time for a new ATC swap! I guess I will always be signing up for this swap hosted by Very Berry Handmade. I am always having such fun when preparing and making these little handmade fabric cards!

As I mentioned on my previous post this time around the theme is 'Winter Comforts', very appropriate for this cold (although not yet quite snowy around here...) January. 

The first time I read about this subject, I could only think about a drawing I made a few years (yes, few years already!) for my baby's nursery. This little drawing is part of a set of four drawings, that represent the different seasons. The Winter one, I think represents winter comforts quite well:

The tenderness of a mummy owl hugging a baby owl on a snowy day... Whats more comforting in winter time?

I still have to adapt and adjust this drawing to fit a small ATC,... This image, its just stuck in my mind for this theme. Even with all the other ideas I was having (and I was not the only one thinking about these!), an evening in front of a fireplace, warm cozy socks, a hot cup of of either cocoa or tea... None of the previous would work for me. So, the owls it is then!

Now its just a manner of working with materials I have.... Again I will use the basics, embroidery, apliques... Lets get to it, then!

I have to figure out how to represent snow .... The simple little balls won't go as well they did in the drawing, and I am not sure if a proper snowflake will do. And deciding about all the colours as well... And thinking about the little wings... Small apliques? So much to figure out!
And a little word of motivation.... Yes, I can do it! 
Just to show off my new projects note book! 

And what about you? What projects are you working on? 

15 January 2016

January 2016 already?!?

Oh my, where did the time go?

I have been so very busy lately that I haven't post at all... 
If you follow any of my other accounts, I have showed glimpses of some of my latest makings... I started a couple of posts about them, but I just haven't finished those properly and so I have so many drafts posts on "to be published" waiting list...

I suppose this is normal, because December is always such a very busy month, meeting family and celebrating Christmas. And then, there's the gifting. This year I decided that most gifts for the younger members of my family and dear friends would be handmade. So the past month was all about softies and embroidery projects:

I will later on write a post about each project, the softies templates and embroidery stitches, at least my favourite ones.

I was also chosen to be the godmother of my nephew, who was christened in December as well, and so I made a very special project for his Christening day. And for the very first time, I tried machine embroidery (although I am not quite sure that could be called machine embroidery...)...

I tried to recreate the little angel featuring in the silver medallion, another of our christening gifts. It was quite difficult for me to do all the sharp turns and curves...

Along with all this little projects theres also what normally fills your day, your work, your regular house chores, and of course play time with DS! So literally, these days just flown by.

I am currently working on my ATC card. This is definitely a project that I have to finish quite soon, as it has to be posted this month. This is a very exciting project, with a lovely theme 'cozy'....! very appropriate for this cold season, where you just want to stay at home, by your fireplace, with a hot cup of hot chocolate  and warm socks...

I will be working on that project this weekend, so I hope to have a post about it soon.

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