29 August 2015

Our Saturday

Once again we are able to keep up with this nice routine!
Repeating the previous scones recipe, we had a tasty batch of scones for breakfast... 

Someone was pretty happy with that!

And so was mummy!

We then went out, afterwards for our regular walk. Once again we had the company of our precious wooden friend, the little cow! This is definitely a favourite toy of his, we never dreamed to go for a walk without it....

He was given this little cow as a birthday gift last year. I don't remember who it was who gave him this, but whoever it was, spot on for his birthday gift! This little cow soon conquered his little heart, and it was a great help for his first steps.... He loves to walk it around! 

You can see this a favourite of his, as it is so worn out already.... !

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23 August 2015

My Monday Making: My ATC card is ready!

I finished my ATC!

It was a long work and since lately I found myself without any time to spare I was afraid that I wouldn't finish on time, but here it is completely finished and ready to be mailed:

I was inspired by Miro's painting Catalan Landscape. I absolutely love Miro's bold colour choices and his surrealistic vision.  I hope that my swap partner loves it too! Here are some more details:

Before I decided for this piece, I had some other choices:

But in the end I thought that this picture was looking more fun!
I will soon discover if my swap thought the same... 

What were you up this weekend?

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baby fun little wood cow

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21 August 2015

Our Saturday!

I am so pleased with our little weekend routine! We now have an established weekend routine... Our Saturday mornings start with some baking... Followed by a delicious breakfast, fruit of our previous hard work! We then head out to a walk by the near park... Feed the swans and the ducks is a mandatory stop... and then we walk and enjoy the sightseeing, which is just beautiful. River Itchen is just stunning really. On Sunday we go to the city centre and enjoy the local playground. This routine is working so well for us, we are able to have such enjoyable family time! So, lets describe our Saturday then...:

We started by baking pancakes...! Again the little one had so much fun helping me out! 

baby baking

pancakes dough bake

He had a blast using the whisk! The end result was just delicious....:

pancakes blueberries

pancakes latte

Just yummie!

I already posted a while back a picture of little one and his walking cow... He absolutely loves to walk the little cow! He is so happy and cute while at it... Hw waves bey bey to every walker by, and they just laugh out loud and wave back at him... We spent hours just walking the little cow...:

We did somehow managed to draw his attention to the river and swans... And then we fed the swans, he loved it too!

How was your Saturday?

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14 August 2015

DIY Photo Canvas Montage

I can hardly believe that today is Friday already! This week slipped through my fingers...
It s so easy for time to fly by when you have always so much to do. Time is never enough!
I have to work out my life/work balance, because at the moment I feel that I am failing both. This week is not a good example though, as I am a bit under the weather...

That said, it did not prevented me for letting out a bit of creativity though... Although I told that I was thinking about doing some painting, today I will be sharing a completely different project: DIY photo collage on canvas... Don't ask... I know, I was planning to do some acrylic painting, and ended up doing something entirely different. Im my defence, I already had all the materials at home, so it actually saved me so money, instead of heading to an art store and bankrupting myself on doing so...

This project is quite easy to do, especially if you have all materials in hand. Its just a matter of arranging the photos on a way that you like! 

There are many youtube videos explaining the process now (like this one), so just I will be briefly describing the process.  

So here's what I used:
Black acrylic paint, pencil, rule, sponge, paint brush, large canvas, Modge Podge, and of course, photos! 

I measured the photos and draft roughly the places where they would be places. Painted black all around the canvas and gaps between those places:

As you can see, the black painting doesn't need to the perfect, however I was making sure that the gaps between the photos were completely filled with black paint.

Now, using modge podge I glued the photos onto the canvas, and then using modge podge again, I covered both photos and canvas:

I was not that careful while adding the modge podge onto the canvas, but I wasn't worried, as this spots would clear after completely dry. You can see on the photos that I have large spots of Modge Podge ( the quite large white spots)....

Afterwards, you can see the final product, a glossy canvas, and Modge  Podge will also add a little gloss on the black paint, quite cool...

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08 August 2015

Our Saturday!

What a lovely sunny day we had today! And what a prolific day we had... Quite different from our previous Saturdays, I might add...
Our morning started quite early as usual, and I was feeling like having something special for breakfast, must be the GBBO effect, and so we started our day by baking scones. Of course, I had a little special helper with me for the entire process...:

The scones were really tasty, I might start a tradition now, as we both had lots on fun while baking. The little one is a keen observer and absolutely loves all things new! Baking with mummy was such new experience, he loved adding all the ingredients, mixing up the dough... And especially having a try of the final product!

After breakfast, we went outside, and enjoy the sunny weather with a bit of gardening... Daddy loves gardening, having a back garden is like having a new toy for this grownup! While daddy was gardening, the little one was having fun in the sun.

And to enjoy this weather and making the most of our garden today, nothing better than a little family BBQ! Sorry but no pictures to show this... We were enjoying ourselves and forgot to take some nice pictures! Next time!

Our day finished with some fun in the local playground, noticed the change of clothes? Someone enjoyed too much the BBQ and a quick change was demanded!

And how did your Saturday go? 
Did you enjoy the sunny day?

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07 August 2015

Upcycling wall art: Urban wall clock

One of my first experiences DIYing was this kitchen wall clock... In the end it was  a bit of a failure, as I was not very happy with the end colours, but as it was harbour of my creativity and experimentation.... So I tried to overlook that. Until now. With a new slick very white kitchen, that clock was definitely hot the appropriate selection.

So I re-did it.... I applied a cover of black acrylic paint, and drew a few sketches of some monuments of my all time favourite city, Lisbon. Although I am not very happy with the final design, as my drawing skills definitely need some more practicing.....

Here is the summary of the process:

First, I sketched it with a white crayon, and only after I painted with white acrylic paint. The monuments are looking very naiff..... Since the clock is white on black, I might just add another coat of paint and re-draw the monuments.  For now it is fine....:

It's still a nice addition to the kitchen wall!

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03 August 2015

My Monday Making

I have a lot in my hands at the moment.... Besides the fact that I'm on my last stretch to complete my thesis, I keep adding up projects to make.... My DIY projects are actually a stress relief therapy, they are helping me keeping my sanity... And so nothing better than since I am swamped at work than to get creative... and work on some new projects.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I am taking part of Very Berry Handmade's ATC swap.  I already started to design my little card, which will be featuring part of a painting made by my favourite painter, Miro. Today I was sketching some possibilities, trying to figure out which part should be better featured... 
I have three sketches done at the moment, and I am not sure yet which one will be selected in the end.

But, and since today is Monday, most of the day was occupied by my little man, he was very much into puzzles today!

Which means that the sketching bit just happened late this evening...  Actually at the same time that I am writing this post...:

Which justifies the fact that the sketches are really poorly done. I also had some fun going through my embroidery thread stash and selecting some colour combos.

Again I will be embroidering bits of the little ATC, I think most of it will be embroidered actually, apart  some felt bits...  

But my ATC is not the only project that keeps my mind occupied. I am also thinking about recycling my Kitchen clock, the one featured in this blog post a while back. My current kitchen has a very slick look, very modern, and very very white. And so my colourful wall clock is definitely not the most wisest choice. So I am thinking about repainting the whole clock again! I will let you know how this goes.

And if this is not enough, I am also thinking about making some new wall art to my new living room. I am using this painting as inspiration. I absolutely love this colour scheme, and its exactly this colours that I want to have on my living room, very very much colourful and lively....

I must be going through a teal, hot pink, orange phase. I am always thinking about those colours!

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