09 April 2013

DIY: Temporarily hang wallpaper

So finally I am posting about this DIY project. I did it last weekend, but did not blog about it immediately.
A small sample of the wall paper pattern that we used:

Here is a picture of the wallpaper in the wall:

I really loved the pattern of this wallpaper, and it was such a bargain!

So we did it using double sided tape, and I have to say that surprisingly the tape works perfectly, (read the Update for more information) and we did not need to use the masking tape to protect the painted wall.

You don´t need much, we basically used:

 And of course:

The process is simple but it is time consuming....
So here are the steps:

Step 1:
Measure the height of your wall, and calculate the size of the wallpaper strip that you need to cut by adding about 12 cm.

Step 2:
Tape the double sided tape to the wall. I show how we taped it on the picture below, btw, 50,2 cm is the width of the wallpaper. The three strips of double sided tape will reinforce the attachment, as the diagonal strip. We also added a horizontal strip near the ceiling, and one near the skirting board.

Step 3:
Attach the wall paper to the tape. This step was the most complicated one, we needed to repeat it several times until we got it right. But the tape worked wonders, as it did not rip the wallpaper, and even when we needed to re-attached it to the wall, it did not damage the paint. We begun by attaching the wallpaper in the horizontal strip of tape, near the ceiling, and verified that it was vertical. This step took ages... When right, we attached it completely. Afterwards, cut the excess of the wallpaper strip using the utility knife and a ruler.

Step 4:
After the first strip of wall paper hanged repeat the process, and matched it to the first strip. We just hanged two strips of wall paper. It was sufficient for the look that we were going for. But, its just a matter of repeating this process until the wall is completed covered.

Step 5:
Enjoy your wall paper!

Here are a few pictures of the steps, and a template of the double sided tape on the wall.

Absolutely love the flower pattern and the blue colour....Btw, the pattern is based on  "Large magnolia blooms on a leaf trail with a diamond trellis effect" (complete description here)....of course it had to be a magnolia!
Hope this method helps you!

We recently moved to  new rental, and had to remove the wallpaper.... So my advice is, the masking tape is necessary! The wallpaper was removed quite easily, but the double sided tape was really glued to the wall. Final result, we needed to paint that wall at the end... But I do believe that the removal of the wallpaper was done more easily compared to a regular aplication..!

You may want to check this post with more tips, and this one with other solutions for temporarily hang wall paper!
Feel free to comment any questions you may have, I would love to hear from you and help any way I can!

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