12 December 2014

Friday's thoughts:Am I the perfect mum?

I am aware that this post title will be misleading…or maybe not?

Today I have loads of dirty laundry to make up for a really busy week. My little one may be wearing the last perfectly sized clean outfit, and tonight he might be eating a pre-preraded meal, far from a mummy cooked meal. My kitchen is in a state of pure chaos… And I am coping with the worst cold ever…! However I still managed to leave my little one in the nursery this morning and head to a normal work day. Literally, I feel  that this past week I was crawling everywhere... I still have tons of Christmas shopping to do, and I barely had the time to decorate my Christmas tree. I still haven’t bought my baby´s Christmas gift. But I managed to decorate the Christmas tree and this year I had a precious little help, and we had lots of fun while decorating it! 

So can I claim to be a  perfect mum? Well, in the end I am not a perfect mum, but this is rather just a note that maybe not every mother has the perfect living room, all organized and perfectly decorated. And Christmas ready. That not all moms prepare and cook every single meal that our precious little one eats (really, I will be running out of Cow and Gates ready meals this week)… And be ready to entertain our little one endless hours until the day is done. Some moms (me included), only manage to arrive home from work and play for a little while before it is time to bed! And does this make us lesser moms? Or just another ordinary and normal real mom? Or are all really, a perfect mum?

I will be frank; I do feel that I am not a good enough mum for my little one most of the times. When I check other blogs, I feel inspired with playful ideas to try and have fun with my baby, but  I also feel overwhelmed with pressure to achieve the same or even more than the rest all these amazing super-moms out there are able to do/craft/bake/and so much more….! 

I also feel overtaken by guilt. I don’t do enough. I have to do more. I have to push myself harder. I have to do and achieve must more. Or do I?

Sometimes we do forget that what we blog about is just a small part of our busy life. And we often just blog about what we feel is either interesting to show, like some glamorous outing, or our outstanding achievements, or our babies amazing milestones, or how fantastic are our playtimes.

And of course is far from inspirational to blog and post about your untidy kitchen and how your meal was just a quick take-away, our some frozen pizza (you will not post how you just micro-waved a slice of pizza will you?). And so I am posting about it today. How today was a far from fabulous, but pretty normal day and the end of a pretty busy week … but just as a happy day. Managed by a perfectly real normal mum.

I could blog that I prepared the little one’s dessert…: mango and yogurt!

And behind I also have all of this to deal with!

Tomorrows outfit is ready…: such a smart outfit, he will look gorgeous!

But we are definitely running low on clean outfits!

I have a Christmas tree…..and some Christmas décor….! My home is looking pretty Christmassy!

 And right next to all this Christmas decor it is today´s breakfast leftovers!

So yes, I have loads of laundry to do, I sure hope that I don’t have to cook dinner today, and I don’t know if I will be able to face the chaotic kitchen today. But I had time, but mostly the energy to play a bit with my little one (one hour before bed time).

I don’t have the most glamorous life and the glowing kitchen...
I don’t have the perfectly tidy home.... I just manage our home the best I can.

I can have it done, and I am able to have a super tidy home, but only when I have the time and energy to do it... Definitely not by the end of an exhausting week.

I don’t spend the whole day playing with my baby, and with entire new games and toys. I have to work. But I love my little one to pieces, and I enjoy every single second of our play time. And he has the time of his life when we are at it! 

So, I shouldn´t be consumed by guilt if I don’t present my little one with the most tidiest of homes every single day, ....and if this Christmas he will not be showered by Christmas presents (I still have to buy the one gift)....or even if we don´t do amazing games or crafts every day...!

I manage our home the best I can. I work the best I can. We play whenever and however I can.
But I love my little one to the moon and back, with all of my heart and soul! And just that makes me an awesome perfectly real mom!

What about you? Do you feel pressured to be a perfect mum?  
And to excel at every daily task?


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