25 July 2014

DIY: Amborela inspired Wall art

I absolutely love Amborela, this Web store has some beautiful Wall Art...! I got inspired by the wall Art that this store sells and attempted to paint my own version...

The final result is far from the really amazing acrylic paintings that Amborela provides, but hey, I am not an artist, I am just  beginner DIYer  having fun with some acrylic paints!

And here is the final version:

And so, my flower paintings are done... Thats one less unfinished project. However, I already have another painting project on its way, this time inspired from some printings that Next Home offers. Let’s see how that version goes!


23 July 2014

WickED Art Festival and SPACE Open Studios

London, more precisely Hackney is the place to be, on the weekend of 2-3 August if you like to see artists working on the spot and learn crafts directly from the source…! SPACE artists studios will be open to the public for the Hackney WickED Art Festival. The entry is free and you will be able to chat along with the artists, get to know them better and buy unique art.

SPACE is an organisation that has several artists’ studios spread through London and it aims to provide creative workspace, advocacy and support and foster innovation. The studios that will be open this weekend are The white Building, Britannia Works and the Bridget Riley. 

I certainly will be there, not only due to my research but also it will be an opportunity to enjoy the WickED Art Festival as well. The Festival will have several exhibitions, music, workshops, tours and more. It is an excellent occasion to explore one´s creativity and learn more about artistic crafts. Learn more about the Festival here.


08 July 2014

DIY: Tesselete necklace


It seems that my projects keep piling up, I am coming up with new ones and I am not finishing up any of the old ones... While browsing the net I found this J Crew necklace and absolutely loved it, however it is not available for sale anymore, so if I wanted to have something similar, I would have to make one! So once again, I looked for tutorials and found this one at Cait makes things. I followed it, with just a few changes, first, and since I had enough beads, I was able to have the two singles where we attach the chain. 

The  materials I used:
55 6mm rice beads
54 eye pins and 1 head pin
Cutters and pliers

My changed version of the necklace schematic:

Schematic adapted from cait makes things

And get to it! 
Here´s the necklace so far:

My rice beads are much smaller than the originals, so it somehow looses the statement necklace effect, but it still is a pretty necklace...! I have to find larger rice beads and try to make a larger version! 

I hope you enjoyed it!


05 July 2014


Today I went shopping as the sale season is still going on and I tried to catch a few bargains... While browsing John Lewis, at the fabric section I found this amazing fabric at half price:

Of course I had to purchase it... I already have plans for it. I have this reupholster project in my mind for a time now, and now I have the most beautiful fabric to carry it on. I hope that after reupholstering my sofa, I will have a few leftovers to sow a couple of pillows. John Lewis has the most amazing fabrics at sale now. I have no idea how I was able to control my purchasing instincts...

My projects keep pilling up... I better to get those going!


04 July 2014

Soccer,the World Cup, and Ann Coulter - take 2

Once more, I find myself reading an Ann Coulter´s article. I shall blame insomnia again.

Oh dear..., where to begin...

This time, the lack of respect for fellow commentators is inexcusable. From name naming, to plain simply insulting, her so called “opinion” article is simply a mediocre example of her profession. And this is the less atrocious part.

At this point, I also believe that Ann Coulter is a poor example of the female sex. Apparently, in her opinion the female sex is unable to properly play any sports. She justifies this explaining that soccer, after all ‘is a game for girls’. Why? Apparently for Ann Coulson, a player biting another player is a poor excuse of male expression, that is, there was no punching or even a cross-body block. I don’t even know how to begin to criticize this, for what she has written is so unreasonable. But let’s review the facts, Luiz Suarez, a Uruguayan player, when biting his counter-part from the Italian team, Giorgio Chiellini shows the most appalling sportsmanship behaviour. FIFA,  rightly so, suspended Luiz Suarez of all football-related activity for four months. Secondly, let’s keep the punching and the cross-body block at their respective sports, boxing and American football. And above all, let’s not confuse good sportsmanship behaviour with playing any sport. One thing is throwing a good punch while boxing; another and completely different thing is punching a player while paying basketball, or football, or baseball! NBA, FIFA or Major League Baseball would never support this kind of behaviour or any other Institution for that matter. 

Apparently besides bragging about injuries, Ann Coulter now also brags about heat-stroke deaths of NFL players. An injury is not enough to prove any sport as a manly sport, only death now would do it. Let’s make this clear, death in any sport is not a manly thing, and is far from a positive thing, and these tragedies do not constitute any evidence of a more manly sport. They show  unhealthy practice routines as these should only happen within  certain threshold temperatures. This is a no-brainer. So, any heat-break is more than recommended. I would like to know if Ann Coulter is able to run 62miles facing 32 degrees or more. Oh wait, Ann Coulter is a female. Of course she is unable to do so. After all, only NFL players are manly enough to support this kind of heat pressures. And then die of it.

Ann Coulter’s ignorance at this stage is more than appalling, is a tragedy.  Her lack of understanding, her appalling lack of judgment is sad really. I truly believe that Ann Coulter in incapable of understanding and truly embrace any sporting event. Simply because Ann Coulter is incapable to understand good sportsmanship. And the complexities of scoring systems! Ann Coulter is unable to understand the scoring system of the World Cup, only this way it is justifiable the fact she believes that any team is a winner team. I doubt that she understands that the scoring system of the group stage is different from the subsequent knock-out stages.  And since she fails to understand that, I doubt that she is able to understand any other scoring system...from any other competition.

I am really surprised that Ann Coulter mentioned the Ryder Cup, Davis Cup or even the America´s Cup. All of these competitions are far too boring according to Ann Coulter´s set of values.  At any of these events, nor a punching or a cross-body block would ever happen. I am fairly sure that these should be classified as ‘girls sports’. And I won’t even begin to mention the complexities of scoring at these competitions! Is Ann Coulter able to follow these without getting a meltdown? Oh wait. She would be far to bored at this stage, so no harm done.  All of these competitions involve much more than ‘circumnavigating a big field’ in order to score, and in much more time...without any cross-body blocks. Or any heat-stroke deaths. 

I have to say now that would feel insulted if Ann Coulter would follow anything that I would show any appreciation. In the end it is good that Ann Coulter does not appreciate soccer. It is good that she has much more to do, and to practice, as punching and cross-body block a NFL player. Oh wait. She cannot do that. After all she is just a girl. She is only allowed to be watching some ballet dance.


03 July 2014

Blog design....and other things

Lately I have been changing my blog design... I am aware that this was not on my project´s list, but as mentioned a long time ago, I was not completely satisfied with the way my blog was looking. I´m still not completely happy, but at least my blog now has now a fresh look. More appropriate for summer time! And speaking of summer, we are enjoying such a summer weather! I mean real summer weather, sunny, warmth, so not UK style, but let’s just keep enjoying it.
In the mean time, I did start some of my new projects, instead of finishing my old ones. My elephant softie is on its way. I began by drawing a template and cut it. Slowly I am getting there. Hopefully this weekend I will start sowing my softie!


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