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Here you´ll find several blogs I follow and constantly check . 
The genres of the blogs will vary, from general and entertainment contents to specifics ones, as DIY or motherhood. I am always searching online for inspiration or tutorials to follow, so my reading sources will always be increasing and changing, making this page a work in progress!
I hope you find it useful!


I follow a cup of Jo for quite a while now, and I absolutely love the way Joanna Goddard writes, I wish I could write as well as she does! The posts are always imaginative and touch several subjects, as motherhood, fashion, or other random things...  One of my favorite subjects now is motherhood, so I am always waiting for Motherhood mondays!

Photography tips, beauty advice, DIY projects, you name it, and A beautiful mess posted about it...  The sister's Elsie and Emma blog is simply lovely and full of useful content!


I am finding myself reading much more parenting blogs than usual. And some posts as this one just make my heart tighten a bit.... The ordinary moments are definitely what motherhood is all about.

I was simply amazed with how much this blogger reachd in such a short blogging life!!!

Just loved it...

Arts and Crafts | DIY

This is a miscellanea of DIY blogs I found due to their tutorials...!

In My Own Style
Thrifty and ChicA girl and a glue gun

Make sure you check Diane’s from In my own style, tutorial on how to make pillow covers, (that’s the one I followed when making mine), or check her projects page for creativeness! 

Also  stop by Ashley’s from Make it and Love it amazing tutorials page. I keep returning to Make it and love it for inspiration.

Infarrantly Creative and Knock off Decor  are both managed by Beckie, I like this blogs mostly because of the recicling and repurposing ideas they post about!

If you want to be amazed with the what one can do, check this blog. It's Ana White's blog, and enough is said.

I really like Vintage revivals! Mandi's creativity never cease to impress me. Also she doesn't make me feel as inapt on DIY as I feel sometimes when checking all of these amazing blogs (or when searching Pinterest for inspiration)!


This is a miscellanea of Sewing blogs I found when trying to learn how to sew (still learning)...!

I just found this blog recently, it has amazing free patterns!

Made is my go to blog for sewing inspiration and information! Dana is an amazing seamstress, and she posts amazing tutorials for the beginner sewer! Most of the things I have learned so far about sewing are from her blog. Check her ask Dana page for some basic lessons!  Plus the projects she makes for her kids are sweet, modern and fantastically cool!

This blog is full of interesting patterns, projects and tutorials

I found this blog when searching for a good pouch tutorial. Jane has pretty good tutorials for bags and pouches, do check this page for a weekend project (I wouldn’t go so far as just a couple of hours project, so one project for me takes at least one weekend!)

Craft Passion 


This is a really good source of tips about painting. When I was searching for tutorials about acrylic paint I found this video on how to paint with acrylic made by Will Kemp, which led me to his website. Here you will find several videos about acrylic, mediums and so much more!


I recently found this blog that has some useful tips on blogging

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