27 July 2015

My Monday Making: Preparing for another ATC swap!

Little by little my routine resumes its normal self. I still have tons of reading to do,... and this reading list keeps piling up!

And this image does not include my pdf collection... nor today's articles... It's just a small percentage of my 'books to read' list. That were suppose to be read a long, long time ago...

But today as it is Monday it's all about my little one. I spent most of the Monday entertaining my little man, we played with Lego, we explored more of our little garden, played some music on his xylophone... 

And he helped me out with some house chores,... yes, he his a really good helper, spreading my laundry all over the garden when I was hanging the clothes out to dry! So, lots and lots of fun today!

However, even with all this excitement, a small corner of my mind was focusing on a little project, the next ATC swap. This time around the theme is 'My favourite...'. It is a perfect theme, as it opens to a multitude of choices.

I was inspired by a take of a fellow swaper, and so at the moment I am focusing on paint art done by one of my favourite artists, Miro:

From left-right, top-down:
Blue II, Blue III, The Gold of the Azure, Harlequin's Carnival

I have been to the Pompidou and was privileged enough as I've seen the Blue's paintings in person... These are massive and really impressive paintings, and seems to me a fun concept to do this is a tiny version as a ATC card. 

I am just not sure that I would do justice to any of these paintings with my still very amatouristic skills on both sewing and embroidery.... However the 'Gold of the Azure' is sure tempting me... I also love 'Harlequin's Carnival', and reproducing just a tiny scene of the painting is another alternative. One of the things I really love about these paintings are the bold colours, as I love the contrasts between these.... I have some fabrics leftovers on my crafts box, so is a matter of finding the perfect match and start it on!

Have a great week!

26 July 2015

My Sunday Photo || {The Ordinary Moments}

Simple day, simple times, just a regular playtime in the backyard. But life couldn't be more sweeter.
Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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25 July 2015

Our Saturday!

I am pretty sure this happened to many mothers out there,... You know, you plan for your Saturday to go a certain way  and then end up... doing something entirely different?

Well, that was our Saturday. I had envisioned having a long walk this morning at our local park, feed the ducks, spend some time at the several playgrounds around, and then do usual  house chores in afternoon. But no, that did not happen... We spend most of the Saturday around the house rearranging the furniture and our little one was not very happy, as he surely had envisioned as well having that long walk and to have some actual fun! But no, mummy and daddy spoiled those plans, and so he was definitely not happy, not at all!

But we did have to get this done actually. Having moved over a week now, it was about time our home to have that actual homing feeling! All is still pretty much chaotic around here, but at least the furniture now found its final place.... 

It doesn't help that both me and my other half are swamped at work, and so during the week we hardly get anything done around the house.

But not all was that bad, since now we have a backyard, i spent  some time outside with the little one. We have a rose bush that is blooming, and the roses are stunning (hoping that they won't die on me, as I can be pretty terrible with plants!). I showed him the roses, the vineyard next door with some grapes, and well, we did manage to have some fun!

The rose is beautiful right? Not that the little one found it that amazing, after looking at it, he decided that was better of just running around the garden...!

Today didn't go as planned, but enjoying a bit of our little garden was all we managed as outdoor fun this Saturday. Hoping that tomorrow we'll do better! Although the weather is not looking as promising as today's... we'll see!

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22 July 2015


So here I am again, still so very very busy, but trying to get back to my usual routine.
We moved to a new home, and we are still adjusting to our new place, and unpacking... Our living room is more of a packing room rather than an actual living room, filled with boxes with our belongings still needing to find their final place...

But we are so very happy with our new little home! We have a small backyard, which does need some work done, but it's a great place to our little one to run around.... And as always, I find myself already thinking about it's great potential ...  and minor projects! All this to my other's half despair, as usually some of the heavy work will fall into his shoulders. But, I can't wait to get my hands dirty and get gardening and planting! It's a lovely way to play with my little one too, and I find myself already imagining teaching him how how to plant, seed...!

We still have loads to do around our new home, mostly rearranging the furniture around until both of us are happy with the final look. However we did find some free time to explore our new surroundings:

We are living near a major urban park! This park occupies the margin of a river, and has some great views...!
We had lot's of fun watching swans, ducks.... It's a great place for our little one to run around and, as it has several playgrounds, theres a lot for him to explore.

As I have lotttssss of free time, also I have also decided to sign up for the 7th textile ATC hosted by the lovely Very Berry, and so I have to  think about a new little textile card... I will let you know how this goes, I already have a lot of ideas, and some inpired by this post! I am really excited about the opportunity to read all about how the other card swapers are going about this new swap. The possibilities are infinite!

Hope my next blog post won't take as long as this one to go live ....
oh, the joys of moving!
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