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Hello there, and welcome to Magnolia! I am so happy that you found us! So you want to learn more about me and my blog?

 About me!

I am a thirties something old girl who is still discovering herself... 
More specifically, I am a landscape architect who re-entered the academia world once again and is finishing her doctorates degree. Hopefully I will be completing it up sometime this year!

More importantly, I was quite recently – end of 2013 -  a new mum!  Yes, even if my little one was born over one year ago, I still consider myself a new mum and having my little one a recent event! Being a mum changed my life completely... I never knew, or imagined that someone could love so much and so deeply a little person... My baby is on my mind every single second, and I miss him terribly when I am away at work...

I absolutely love everything about arts, culture, photography, arts and crafts, fashion and all types of artistic activities!  I am an arts lover, DIY beginner, amateur crafter, seamstress wannabe  or something in between! 

I indulge myself in all sorts of crafts projects, as I procrastinate writing up my thesis.... I am always thinking about  some new decorations projects around our home (to my other half's despair), but as a PhD student and mum, the budget is always stretched and I try to save as much as possible.  
Also as a new mum, I want to build things/sew clothes/do crafts for and with my little one
I absolutely love handmande products, particularly if made by me! I still have a lot to learn about this little endeavour of mine, and I hope that you learn more alongside me! I would love to hear from you!

Oh,  I am absolutely addicted to caffeine...!

.... and I also have a favourite quote:
Still hungry for more? Here´s my Liebster award post with some more details about me...
And why not stop by my favourite and emotional posts: my baby´s birth story and... my proud achievement: breastfeeding for 1 and 1/2 years and still counting!

About my blog

Magnolia is a personal blog, and is mainly dedicated to the little happenings that colour my pretty normal life  as mum... 
I started this blog as a way to register some DIY adventures of mine, but then it grew to so much more....! Magnolia is  where I wrote my adventures as a mum, my crafts, and all my rambling thoughts... So, even though Magnolia was created a long time ago, only now I am activelly blogging, as only now I have a purpose for blogging: my little adventures as a wannabe artsy mum! 
You will still find an eclectic content, along with my ramblings about recent adventures about my new life as a mother, you will find posts about fashion and style (well mainly one, this one about scarfs!) as I adjust to a new post-pregnancy shape..or tutorials describing my crafts projects for you to follow if you wish to! 
I also have fun drawing, and I had a comic series going that illustrated some adventures with my baby and compared my pre and post motherhood life. I still have ideas for some more comics, just not finding the time to do it...
I want this blog to be truthfull and close to me as much as possible. Which is why I also like to explore  my thoughts and feelings on it... You will find some posts where I have  shared some views in themes close to my heart, and this one on the length of breastfeeding or this other post about my experience breatfeeding in public. You will find these important ramblings on a Friday, on my "Friday´s thoughts" category.
You can learn more about my blog structure here.

I want this blog to be a real life journal, and thats why it is ecletic. I could not just blog about my life as a mum, or my arts and crafts projects,or my sewing experiences or fashion and style... and well, let´s face it I am in no way an expert in either fashion or style even though I love it! 
I am a mixture of  all that...!So, my blog is a mixture of all that!...basically you will find that I blog on whatever is on my mind or my crafts table....!

Hope you guys have fun reading my blog, as I am having fun writing it!


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