13 December 2013

DIY: Fabric Notice Boards

  I have been pretty busy lately and once again my blog is missing some updates! i did a few DIY around the house, but did not have any time to take a few pictures so I would post about these recent projects.
However, today I took the time to take a few pictures and show a fabric Notice Board that I made. I hope you like it!
I first saw this notice board on Ikea, and wanted one, but once again, I found it pretty expensive, besides, I was not particularly taken by the fabric... So I decided to make one myself!
It is pretty easy to do, and all you need is a stapler gun, cute fabric, some wadding, glue, scissors, one canvas and ribbon!
Here is a a picture of the final product:

So here is a small visual tutorial:
Step 1: Gather the materials required
Step 2: Cut the wadding and glue it to the canvas
Step 3: Cut the fabric and staple it to the canvas
Step 4: Cut several stripes of ribbon and display it to your taste in the canvas
Step 5: Staple the ribbons 
Step 6: Add a few buttons to the ribbons

And finally, enjoy your Notice Board!


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