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12 June 2015

Friday´s Thoughts: And we are moving!

These last few days have been quite hectic....
We had bad news and  some really good news ...!
First the bad news, as our current landlord decided to sell our flat, we were forced to do some house hunting. We absolutely love our current apartment, so these were really bad news to us. We live in a lovely neighbourhood, in a excellent location, as we are both close to our current jobs and the nursery... So we were pretty disappoint with this news. The current house market is crazy, we were viewing some houses which rent was exorbitant, and were not that special. Lets say that finding the perfect house, which fitted our needs and with an acceptable rent was  was really difficult.

Good news, we finally we found the perfect house, and will be moving next month!

That said, my mind at the moment is swirling with decoration ideas, to my other´s half despair. 
The house that we´ll be moving into has been  loved and well taken care, it´s painted with some lovely colours, which is rare for the UK as normally houses normally just feature Magnolia tones.

So both dinning room and reception room are painted with earthly tones which I quite like, and will go nicely with my furniture. I am just not so sure about the master bedroom which is painted with this strong navy blue...

The rest of the house has Magnolia tones, so no news there.

Anyway, the navy blue room has got me into Pinterest craze, as I am looking for some ideas to decorate around it. I found some really pretty rooms, walls navy blue and lovely white furniture and small features of either orange, pink, yellow. I am lucky though, as my bedroom furniture is indeed white, now I do have to convince my other half about the pops of colour...

This pop of orange makes a difference!

This is such a colourful room, even with the strong navy as a major feature, still feels so lively!

Before finding our next home, I was thinking about how my dream bedroom would be, and I was going for a  dark colour palette, featuring some pops of yellow. I was going for grey and not navy blue though...
I found wall-art inspirations while searching for my past bedroom ideas:

My projects list just keep increasing... I still want to paint some of these! 
Just wondering if these will go nicely with the navy blue though....

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