30 October 2015

Reupholstering my chairs....

In the midst of finishing my thesis, for which I have less than 6 months left... I started an old endeavour of mine. Reupholstering my old chairs...!

And let me say that this will take a lot more time than antecipated. As usual... For starters, for me, this certainly will  will not be a weekend project, so I have no idea how some bloggers claim that this is so easy or it takes less than an afternoon to do one... well, I have no idea how you manage that, as I haven't even  finished one, so for the four chairs I have to repholster, I have no idea how long it will take...

I barely managed to remove the old fabric from one in one day... Well but at least I did paint it! 

I am working on my piping skills now. And since I wont be reupholstering as it was (I want my chairs to look more 'fancier'), I am adding some piping to them. So I had to self thought myself in piping!

And why have I decided to do this now? Well, its the same old thing, with more stress, more work to do and less time,...crafts and DIY projects to the rescue. I need to release some steam and stress and these projects help me do it. It is something that gives me pleasure and I thoroughly enjoy, and I am doing it to improve our little home... Also, my parents will be visiting us soon and I want my house to look more tidier. These chairs were looking so  dated, they were defenitely needing some makeover.

I am self-thoughting on the reuphosltering art, I downloaded and printed a book that explains the whole process, and adding to that I searched for some videos on youtube that show bits of it. I also observed tons of chairs, and how they were reupholstered (and any excuse works to stop by Laura Ashley store...). I also used this blog post as a guide.

This projects involved both sewing and painting.... So its much more complex than my first attempt when I repholstered my office chair.
But I things is much more enjoyable! And after I might just reupholster my office chair again...

As you can easily imagine, I still have a long way to go! I basically decided where my new piping should go. At least I already removed the old chair fabric, and cut the models from the new fabric. And no, its not the green that the picture shows... thats just an experience before doing it on the chosen fabric!

Here are some photos showing the work done so far:

I still have a long way to go...!


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  1. Ann, that's a huge project! I don't know how people do in one afternoon. It would take me at least a few days, or more like a few weeks. I have never done piping before, it's on my list but for a pillow. Good luck with this project! Hope you can finish it before your parents come for a visit.


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