21 January 2013


The very first post of my blog consists on a picture of my favourite tree, magnoliaxsoulangeana. My blog was named after this specie, which I find magnificent, because it is able to integrate beautifulness with sturdier characteristics as resilience and robustness. I intend my blog to follow similar characteristic, it is not planned to be beautiful, but interesting, and I hope to be able to continue to write it for some time, therefore following a resilience type. Let’s consider this another New Year resolution.

But writing a blog is not easier, we have to know what to write about, and if it is to be read by others, its contents have to be appealing. That’s the tricky thing I believe. We are able to find thousands and millions of blogs in the internet, and the subjects are diverse from personal to academia contents and now a day’s even authors develop a career just by blogging. Of course, I think that most of the blogs are... well let’s face it, we do find lots of trashy things on the Internet...

My blog will be a miscellanea of all the previous, and if I work it enough might be better than some. Some authors advocate the use of blogging for both professional and academic reasons, which is a fine valid reason, but only writing for scientific reasons would take the fun out of the blog. And I have to admit, I don´t find many blogs with masterful scientific contents. Don´t get me wrong, we do find really interesting things, but not to reference on your academic works, for that we should just keep using scientific journals and peer-reviewed (and even on some of the articles we have to keep our critical spirit well alive) and the typical scientific books. However, there are important benefits to consider, as auto-promotion, always be in touch with news, networking... which considerably helps you in your career.

 And just for personal contents? I don´t think anyone is here just for reading my melancholic and depressive writings. So let’s keep it diverse, miscellaneous, and we might get somewhere.  Similar to urban planning, mixed uses, the definitive way to be... That way it will also reflect my personality, that I consider to be ecletic, and in the end a blog is personal and mostly should reflect yourself and your thoughts.  This could get interesting, and who knows, I might have a future just by blogging?

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