26 January 2013

DIY Project: Reupholster office chair

So here I am reupholstering for the first time an Office chair!

These are the Before and After pictures:

Below I describe the protocol used, with pictures of each step and materials used.

Protocol followed

Materials  Used:

For the fabric, I found a good web site that shows the amount to buy according with the type of chair. You can find it here. I used 10 mm as staples size, as you can see from the pictures. And these staples worked fine in both plastic and wood seats.
The process is quite easy, you can do it in five main steps!

Step 1.
Disassemble your chair office chair using your tools (you´ll mainly need a screwdriver to unscrew a few screws, so don’t get scared from the tools picture)

Step 2.
Detach the old fabric from the seats, and use it as model to cut the new fabric, so avoid cutting it.

Step 3.
Using the stapler-gun attach the new fabric to the seats.

Step 4.
Reassemble the chair with the seats now reupholstered.

Step 5
Enjoy a New Office chair!

These are the main steps. I found several blogs that have a few pics and detailled  explanations of each step, you can find these here and here.

I have to say that the tricky part of the process are the corners of the seats. We could have clean corners if we sew a string to the borders of the fabric and pull it, but since I still didn´t purchase any sewing machine, we just had to pull the fabric as tightly as possible, and staple it, as much as possible...
Even with the tricky corners I am very pleased with the results!

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