25 July 2015

Our Saturday!

I am pretty sure this happened to many mothers out there,... You know, you plan for your Saturday to go a certain way  and then end up... doing something entirely different?

Well, that was our Saturday. I had envisioned having a long walk this morning at our local park, feed the ducks, spend some time at the several playgrounds around, and then do usual  house chores in afternoon. But no, that did not happen... We spend most of the Saturday around the house rearranging the furniture and our little one was not very happy, as he surely had envisioned as well having that long walk and to have some actual fun! But no, mummy and daddy spoiled those plans, and so he was definitely not happy, not at all!

But we did have to get this done actually. Having moved over a week now, it was about time our home to have that actual homing feeling! All is still pretty much chaotic around here, but at least the furniture now found its final place.... 

It doesn't help that both me and my other half are swamped at work, and so during the week we hardly get anything done around the house.

But not all was that bad, since now we have a backyard, i spent  some time outside with the little one. We have a rose bush that is blooming, and the roses are stunning (hoping that they won't die on me, as I can be pretty terrible with plants!). I showed him the roses, the vineyard next door with some grapes, and well, we did manage to have some fun!

The rose is beautiful right? Not that the little one found it that amazing, after looking at it, he decided that was better of just running around the garden...!

Today didn't go as planned, but enjoying a bit of our little garden was all we managed as outdoor fun this Saturday. Hoping that tomorrow we'll do better! Although the weather is not looking as promising as today's... we'll see!

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  1. My boys love a run around the garden, sometimes we don't manage to do everything we planned but it is nice that they can manage to have fun whatever you do. The rose is so pretty! #countrykids

    1. Thank you! I have to do some reading on how to take care of roses... I was surprised to see that theres so much to do and explore on a simple garden! x

  2. I think you will find your new back garden so handy for your little one. Even when you are busy with no time to organise things, he will be able to enjoy some fresh air safely, just a few props and imaginary play will develop. I hope you managed your time out on Sunday. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.

    1. Sunday was same as Saturday... Glad that we have a garden now for him to explore! I am already thinking on the many things we can do there, as some sand box, for him to enjoy. The possibilities are endless! :) x


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