27 January 2016

My ATC is done!

And already sent!

As usually, it was done at the last minute, even though I already knew what I would be making over a month. You might know, through my last post, that my inspiration was a winter drawing that I made. Although a few bits were still unclear (how I would be making the snow and the owls wings), I knew that I would be embroidering most of it, as I did in the end.

For the main bodies I used felt appliqué but to represent wings and feather I  did a simple backstitch for mummy owl wings, although with various threads. For baby owl I used satin stitch. I used a second appliqué for the owl's tummy, and again to give a sense of feathers I used feather stitch.

The owls eyes were really funny to make. Again, appliqué with some embroidering. For mummy owl I used French knot for both eyes, and back stitch for baby owl's eyes.

I decided to use seed stitch to represent snow. The tree was simplest to make, appliqué with running stitch.
I had to hurry a bit towards the end, 

but I still managed to do some embroidery on the back:

It’s already on its way…so now is a matter of learning how my swap partner feels about my little work!


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  1. It's totally wonderful in real life - I love it! Thank you!


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