18 January 2016

Inspiration for my ATC

It's that time once again, time for a new ATC swap! I guess I will always be signing up for this swap hosted by Very Berry Handmade. I am always having such fun when preparing and making these little handmade fabric cards!

As I mentioned on my previous post this time around the theme is 'Winter Comforts', very appropriate for this cold (although not yet quite snowy around here...) January. 

The first time I read about this subject, I could only think about a drawing I made a few years (yes, few years already!) for my baby's nursery. This little drawing is part of a set of four drawings, that represent the different seasons. The Winter one, I think represents winter comforts quite well:

The tenderness of a mummy owl hugging a baby owl on a snowy day... Whats more comforting in winter time?

I still have to adapt and adjust this drawing to fit a small ATC,... This image, its just stuck in my mind for this theme. Even with all the other ideas I was having (and I was not the only one thinking about these!), an evening in front of a fireplace, warm cozy socks, a hot cup of of either cocoa or tea... None of the previous would work for me. So, the owls it is then!

Now its just a manner of working with materials I have.... Again I will use the basics, embroidery, apliques... Lets get to it, then!

I have to figure out how to represent snow .... The simple little balls won't go as well they did in the drawing, and I am not sure if a proper snowflake will do. And deciding about all the colours as well... And thinking about the little wings... Small apliques? So much to figure out!
And a little word of motivation.... Yes, I can do it! 
Just to show off my new projects note book! 

And what about you? What projects are you working on? 

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