09 February 2016

What I read: Strictly Between us

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I recently finished reading a book by Jane Fallon, “Strictly between us”, which was sent to me by Penguin Random House. By the way, thank you so much Penguin books! It was the very first time I ever read Jane Fallon and I was overall pleased with her story telling.This was a really easy novel to read, however, I am an avid reader, and since I was missing reading something as chick lit, far from any scientific book or scientific journal article (which  are my only reads lately),it may have been a huge factor in my appreciation...

The book is divided in four parts, though all part of the same plot.  The first part introduces us the main characters, best friends Tamsin and Michelle, and Tamsin’s assistant Bea. The second and third parts are all about the plot, which thickens, where we get to discover lies,some twists and more betrayals….  And finally, the fourth part, the conclusion and where we discover the different characters destinies.

This story is mostly about  two characters, Tamsin and Bea, which are complex and flawed. In the very beginning we learn about Tamsin’s betrayal. This could lead you to dislike Tamsin, the main character, however while reading the story I found myself cheering for Tamsin and whishing for her friendship with Michele to continue. Even though we know that Tamsin deceived Michele several times, we also learn how much she deeply cares about her. Its quite mind twisting!

What I really enjoyed about this book  is how Jane tells the story.  We get to unravel the plot through two different perspectives, firstly through Tamsin’s eyes, then Bea’s, and so on.  Every time  she switches perspective, a little piece of the story is discovered.  We get to learn how each characters feels about what is happening, through their own words,  their role in the storyline, their deceptions and reasons for it.

The reality is not always black and white, and this story clearly shows us this.  In Bea, we find an antagonistic character and while her duplicity might not be justifiable, I still felt for her,  as I knew why she was acting as she was.  Although I was not cheering for her as I was with Tamsin, still I did not dislike her terribly.  In the end, it was Tamsin who was responsible for the outcome, as she was the instigator of the situation that leads Bea to act as she did… Intricate situations played by flawed characters.

I also enjoyed the ending… Every character had a deserving conclusion. The ending was not fabulously happy for all characters as usually is, as it was not a terrible destiny for all antagonists….

Overall it was a good read, the novel is funny, lighthearted and if you are looking for a weekend (or afternoon) easy read I definitely recommend it.

The book is available to purchase online through amazon:

as other retailers as well.


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