11 August 2016

Around here!

It has been a while since my last post...I have been incredibly per usually, but I have exciting news that I wish to share....:

Our little family is growing! 

Yes, we are expecting!
I am pregnant... The new baby is due by the end of December, which makes me 20 weeks pregnant already.  We are halfway through my pregnancy which seems crazy... ! So much has been happening in my life that I couldn’t share the news in my blog. I also wanted to share the news with some lovely pictures, but I could only manage the following which are a bit disappointing to be honest, but I will be sharing them anyway... I think that when sharing lovely wonderful news, visuals are needed!

I am so excited about my new pregnancy, but so anxious as well...! I am also worried about how our little one will be dealing with a new sibling. We dote him and he is so used to our undivided attention. We have been  letting him know gently about the new baby, pointing at my little bump and explaining that a baby is growing there. So we hope that he knows that a new baby is coming... He points at my bump and says ‘Baby’! And then he points at his tummy and says baby! We laugh and explain that the baby is inside my bump. So we are not sure that he actually understands that a new baby will be arriving...

I have more  news to share.... This will be such an hectic year. Besides having to finish my PhD this year (I have to submit my thesis by October) which means that I am working non stop on my thesis,  also the reason why my blog has been so quiet.....
I am also starting a part-time job...! This will not take much time from my PhD and will give me an opportunity to work on a different research project than my own. I am really excited about this!

And with all this happening, my creative life was affected. It is not that I am not thinking about any new projects, I do and lots! Its just managing to actually start and conclude some.... Still, I will try to share once they’re done...!
And I hope to share those soon here....


  1. Muitos parabéns! Vai tudo correr bem. Vais ver que o mais velho vai ser um doce para @ nov@ bebê.
    Boa sorte para o PhD! Reta final é difícil mas recompensadora! Força

  2. Oh, Ann! Congratulations! Very happy news! I hope you are feeling good and still have energy for all the things you need to do. I am sure your Little One will be fine and would adore his new sibling. It's so exciting! Look after yourself and thank you for sharing sweet pictures! xox


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