10 December 2016

Christmas stocking fillers for grand-parents!

*This post was written with the collaboration of Snapfish*

It has been a long time since I last posted...
If you are following me either on Instagram or Pinterest you could see that I have been fascinated by Christmas felt decorations... since like October! I absolutely love all about Christmas and since this Christmas will be quite hectic, I have been preparing in advance. I just didn’t quite manage to find the time to post about it here.

I love to gift handmade things, personally crafted and  lovingly wrapped in handmade gift boxes... This time around it has been a bit more difficult to achieve this as time is quite short, but I still managed to ‘make’ a few personal gifts this time around with Snapfish help.
For both my parents and in-laws my little one will be gifting photo gifts to memorialise fun times with grandparents! Snapfish has a large variety of photo gifts such as mugs, cushions or phone cases which  are quite easy to personalize for your chosen recipient...

For both grandmothers I decided to personalize a red-mug, and there are great vouchers available at the Snapfish website that you  an take advantage of, as the 2 for 1 Mugs promotion. So, do explore the deals and see which ones are the best ones to apply on your purchase...

This Christmas season I found myself drawn to the colours white, blue and red. I chose to personalise the red mug (red always feels Christmassy!) with my selected colours of blue and white:

With snappish you have a multitude of options for the mugs background, from colours to your selected photos... But I always have such fun playing around with the embellishments...! You can go full Christmas on the mug if you prefer to, but I wanted a mug that although felt Christmassy, could be used all year around, so I toned down the Christmas feel a bit.

I also love to get a homogeneous look for my Christmas gifts wrapping, and as I mentioned I am going for the blue-white tones this time around. I also like to save as much as possible so I am always raiding my craft box to see what is available to use....  I had assorted white ribbons and some silver and red crepe paper which I used to  wrap the mugs. I used the original box that they were delivered with, but before closing it I wrapped them in the red crepe paper:

Red on red... the inside of the gift could not be more Christmassy as it is!
And then it was a matter of having fun with the ribbons and the silver crepe paper! With some limited  ribbons and crepe paper you can have a variety of different gift wrappings.

And here are the mugs final look:

I cut a white and blue gift tag to add the grandparents name.... which will be written by my little one later on... that will be fun to do later on!
And how are your Christmas preparations going?

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