21 March 2013

Planning for future DIY: Temporarily hang wallpaper

Some time has past since my last post, I have been busy and so my blog was forgotten for a while. But now, with just a few seconds free in my hands, I have been searching and planning for future DIY projects.
Firstly, I have to say that in the Internet we are able to find a lot of talented crafters and ´diyers`, which makes me feel intimidated when publishing my weakling attempts. But, well, I still love doing it, and if my post are able to help someone it is still worth it.

It is common goal for any householder to feel conformable, and cosy in their own dwellings, and I still feel that my home is far from it. One of my concerns are the naked walls, and since I am renting a place, my main problem is that I am not allowed to either to repaint it or hang wallpaper, which leads to my second problem: I already purchased in a clearance opportunity a wallpaper that I absolutely love and really want to hang (Harlequin Florine, find the pattern below).

So with a ´quick` web search I found that, once more, I am not alone at this. A common thread is ´how to temporarily hang wallpaper`, and in Apartment therapy website presented several solutions, which I completed:

1.     Scroll-like: Do not hang it, just simply attach a part of the roll to the ceiling and roll it onto the floor, in the end we have a nice column effect in the wall.

2.    Apply the wallpaper to a large MDF or light plywood board and lean it to the wall.

3.    Poster hanger: Buy poster hangers and use it on the wallpaper.

4.    Staple gun: Simply staple the wallpaper to the wall.

5.   Bulldog clips:  wallpaper is hunged from molding with clips

6.   Painters marking tape and double-sided tape:

Magazine article, in Lonny magazine June-July 2010, find it here
Wallpaper swatch, Harlequin | Florine

This final solution is the one that I chose, and will apply this next weekend. I will tell you how it went once finished. And why did I chose this one? The scrool-like method is a nice solution, but in my opinion it will only work with certain types of wallpaper, as is the case that Apartment Therapy presented. The feather wallpaper looked beautifully in the wall as a scroll. In my case I have a flowering wallpaper, and using it as a scroll effect would just simple be weird, as I would have an incomplete template.
As for the poster hanger and MDF and Plywood board, I am on a budget, and so I wish to save as much as I can, I am avoiding purchasing other expensive materials.
The staple gun method will leave some traces on the wall, and in the end, I might have to repaint the wall, which is what I can not do. As for the bulldog clips, I don´t know how I feel about having them picking on the ceiling.... If the selected method does not work, I will have to reconsider my position on this.
Lets see how it goes this weekend!

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