27 March 2013


Braids were fashionable this past seasons, crown braids, fishtail braids,pigtails, braided bangs, ... braided hairstyles are seen everywhere. And the trend continues, since Braid Hairstyles for 2013-14 continue to be extremely popular, as Paris fashion week shown, where braid was the favourite hairstyle for brands as Valentino. Throughout the beauty and fashion magazines celebrities as Rita Ora, Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively are clearly following this hair trend.

I have to say that I am following it also.... Braided hairstyle is a practical way to style your hair, and if you are not the type of girl that enjoys to comb and style  your hair throughout the day, braid is definitely for you. You just have to style it before leaving home, and you can forget about your hair style until you get home. Another great advantage about braids, is that you have so many styles that you can wear it for any occasion, from wedding receptions to your work and still be extremely fashionable and look amazing!

For a simple look there are many varied types of braids easy to  do:

1. Simple braid                                                             2. Fishtail braid            

 3. Side braid

And if I was able to braid my hair, it was definitely not that hard to do....
For a sophisticated look,  I fashion blog presents an easy to follow tutorial:

I will be definitely trying this hairstyle soon.....

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