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29 March 2013

DIY projects: Purse organizer

As many women, one of the problems I usually face is how to find keys, mobile and regular objects I need (or not need...) that tend to get lost in my purse, whatever kind of purse I use, either small or large.
As so, I was endlessly  happy when I discovered this blog post from Fresh Crush.
I immediately decided  to get my hands on it!
And so here begins my recent DIY project, a purse organizer! This is how my organizer looked when finished:

And here´s what I needed for this project:

 The steps are really easy to follow, and I hand stitched the purse organizer, however a sewing machine would be a great help and would save time, but I was looking for the traditional and rustic aspect.

I summarized the steps below:

Step 1. Cut the cereal box to a size that will support the objects that you usually have in your purse.
Step 2. Use the cutted box as a template to cut your fabric, you´ll need to cut two pieces of fabric that will be interior and exterior of the organizer.
Step 3. Cut two more strips of fabric to compose the pockets of the organizer.
Step 4. Hem both strips of fabric.

Unfortunately, I just took pictures for the first steps, but the rest is really intuitive. However, you can find the complete tutorial here. I just did a small variation by adding a button/button loop that are really useful by providing more support to the organizer. The button loop can work as an extra inside pocket too, plus the button looks really cute in the organizer...

Step 5. Cut another strip of fabric to make the button loop, and sew it.
Step 6. Measure the pockets by wrapping the objects on it and pinned it on the top of the fabric that will be the exterior of the purse organizer later on.
Step 7. Repeat the same procedure for the lower part of the square piece of fabric.
Step 8. Sew three sides of the exterior and interior of the organizer, wrong side up.Then turn it outside out.
Step 9. Insert the card and sew it closed. with the button loop.
Step 10. Sew the button.
Step 11. Enjoy your purse organizer!!

Here are a few extra pictures from the purse organizer where I also show the button loop used as an extra pocket.

This is so handy, is saving me the time I always took looking for those things that got lost in my purse!

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