16 May 2013

DIY: Pillow covers

I have been really busy lately, (as always), but somehow I managed to sew this project which I was really anxious to try! 
I have some old pillow covers that I wanted to change for some time now and I also have some leftovers of fabric from my first DIY project, reupholster office chair. Hence my new DIY project begins, to sew a pillow cover! 
Here are some before and after pictures of my pillow covers:

Firstly I had to find a  tutorial to follow, since I am still a beginner when it comes to machine sew.... Luckily, I was able to find a  tutorial  really easy to follow,  at one of my favourite DIY blogs, In my own style. For this tutorial, (you can find it here) you don´t have to follow any pattern, it is really intuitive!
And here is a summary of the tutorial:

Step 1: Cut a layer of fabric that wraps around your pillow, plus around 20 inches. With  the layer of fabric right side down, turn over the both edges about 1inch, and fold it again and and then sew respectively. In the first picture below, you can see one of the edges sewed, wrong side up.
Step 2: Fold the layer wrong side up, and overlap about 5-7 inches for the opening of the pillow cover.
Step 3: Sew the laterals of the cover, closing the pillow cover, wrong side up.
Step 4: Turn the pillow cover right side out, and insert your pillow.
Step 5: Enjoy your pillow and its brand new cover!
I still have a lot of practice to do when it comes to machine sew... My stitches are far from straight, nevertheless I really liked the finished project! And this new pillow covers brightened up my sofa! It was in desperate need of colours!

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