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27 April 2013

DIY: Tote bag

As I mentioned in past posts, I recently purchased a sewing machine! Unfortunately, I have been so busy that I still haven't got the time to properly explore all its potential. However, I did somehow managed to sew a tote bag!  

Here are a few pictures of the bag:

 Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take enough pictures of all the steps I took when sewing it, but fortunately there are many blogs that post pretty good tutorials to follow. My favourite one for  a Tote bag, is this one here, by one of my favourite sewing blogs, Made.

Here are a few pictures of a detail of my stitches, not sure if I should feel this proud of my Tote bag, but I am!

I simplified the tutorial, by not doing it as a reversible bag. I did not think that was quite ready to do it, and besides, I did not have the time for it.... Also, this tote bag will be  used as a reusable shopping bag, so it does not have to be such a glamorous bag! And finally, I was using leftovers of fabric from my previous projects, and did not have sufficient fabric for it....
Maybe in a future attempt!


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