20 May 2015

Baby & Me: Indoor fun, Lego Time!

This past couple days my baby has been under the weather.
He was running a bit of fever during this weekend, and only today I feel he got better. 
So, we couldn´t have our regular walk, play at the playground or hit the park. This past weekend was all about indoor play... And try to survive ... an entertain a not very happy toddler.

So we had to keep him entertained when he was feeling better and wanting to play. He has tons of toys, I am so astonished at how many toys he has in just less than 1 and half years!
He has some favourites, and I have to admit that I have lots of fun with him and.... Lego!

Some months ago we bought him a small table so that he could play there...
I think he feels a bit more grown up when sitting on his little chair and playing over the table.

I am a big fan of Lego play, really. Besides being very fun to play with, babies are also training his skills, fine motor skills and cognitive skills as they are also developing eye-hand coordination.

So I play Lego with him every time possible... And that would keep him entertained for a couple of hours.

I could be looking at him playing a whole day and would never grow bored. I watch him learning new skills all the time... The way he mixes the blocks, or used the little animals... Or you know just throwing the blocks out the box and spreading those on the carpet...its such an imaginative play either way!

Yes, I know. We have a big fan of Lego play here!

What do you do play with for some indoor fun? 
Let me know all about it so I can try it with my lo too!

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  1. Anonymous8:37 pm

    A couple of hours?! My goodness, if we can get 15 minutes out of an activity I feel like we've struck gold.


    1. LOL! Do bear in mind, that to have this hours of play I am playing with him, which may contribute to keep it more interesting and different.... Also we might throw in other toys to keep it going... And it´s not like he would be just staying still and quiet in the table for the 2h... that never happens...:D

  2. I want a giant lego head now! :D
    Lego was mine and my brothers favourite when we we're little and I admit, I still 'play' with it (I have a lego crab here on the shelf in front of me).
    Fantastic that your little boy gets so much enjoyment out of it ;)

    1. The giant heads are so cute right? And quite practical for storing the Lego blocks! I wish I had some when I was little ....! I loved Lego when a kid, hey, I still have fun with it, and with the duplo version so... I so understand if you have a lego crab there! :) x

  3. This photo brings sweet memories of my not so little son and me playing lego at his tiny desk years ago. We also used to have a big doll house full of little figurines and furniture and small animals. This play occupied us for hours. Reading books any time of the day of course. Another favourite was a large yellow bus with an open roof top with little people in it, the bus played different tunes and made noises and it travelled all around our house. Oh, how could I forget - in the kitchen we had a drawer full of kitchen utensils (safe ones) that our little one could open, empty and load everything back in; that was useful when I had to be in the kitchen. But I think the most important key is playing with your baby, as you Ann pointed out.

    1. hhahahaaa! We did the same, one kitchen drawer is full of silicon utensils and some cake forms for him to play with! We usually read a night story too... :)x


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