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02 May 2015

Just a Saturday walk....

Am I the only one disappointed at this´s weekend´s weather? Last two weekends it was sunny, warm... this time that we have a long weekend with the bank holiday... The weather is just... you know, typical!

Even though the weather was not inviting at all, we went for a walk!

I always try my best to go for long walks, and get my lo some fresh air...
One of our regular places is the local park, it has a major playground, and my lo really enjoys being there.

So we tried as much equipments as possible, but given my lo is still little and barely walks, its still a bit limited the amount of fun play he can have there. Still, he enjoys every little bit of it, and enjoy being there and seeing him have fun!

One of our stops is the musical equipment... He just love listening to the different notes when banging the sticks... And so does his mama!

And of course the slide! He always tries to go up the slide...
Today we also met some new friends... some seagulls and pigeons were nearby!

And what about you? Did you had some fun this Saturday?
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  1. My two always used to radiate towards the musical instruments, its funny hoe kids are attracted to noise isnt it ? x

    1. So true!! My lo loves to bang pans, cutlery, and as louder, the better! :)
      Thank you for hosting!x

  2. I'd like to create a musical instrument from natural or recycled things at Coombe Mill, I think music is something young children are drawn to, I know they can't resist ringing the wind chimes in our fairy garden! I do hope we see summer return soon, well done for getting out even if it was chilly and thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. That is a great idea! That would surely be a success for the litte ones, they always have great fun making "music" :) And using recycled material, that would be a plus for me! I am missing Summer time for a time now...
      Thank you for hosting! x


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