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14 May 2015

Blogging: A new structure for my posts!

I have been thinking about structuring my blog for a while now, and organize my posts on daily categories. This way, you, my lovely readers, would know what to expect from each day! 
Even though I do think that structuring is a really good idea, and I would have a more organized blog,... at the same time it really scares me as I would have to follow a plan.... And to be honest I am terrible at following plans!
But, starting from next week hopefully I will be posting following these categories:

Monday: My Monday Making 

On Monday I will write posts about all things DIY, as tutorials or project ideas. So here you´ll find news about how my sewing is (not) improving, as my sewing machine is enjoying her stay in my closet, or upcycling or recycling ideas, more reupholstering projects..., drawings, paintings... basically everything crafty.

Tuesday: Tuesday's Style

This day will be dedicated to my ramblings about interior design, fashion and style, or how I adjust to a new body shape. My post-pregnancy shape is still the same as I left the hospital, after 17 months (with no virtual exercise, even though I bought a magazine with some useful exercises, that I am not following...at all!), meaning, big tummy....
I might just post about a wish list (like this post) either for mummy, baby, or our home...
To be quite honest, I don´t usually post on Tuesdays. And I am completely out of either fashion and style.... And starting to exercise and follow the recommended exercises of my old magazine?? Dream on! But it is really easy to write and grow my wish list!

Wednesday: Day off blogging!

Sorry, I definitely won’t be blogging on Wednesdays. That is usually my fieldwork day!

Thursday: Baby and me!

I will write about my adventures as a mummy on Thursday...! This is as topic that I have never-ending stories to share... This would be the category where you would find my comics too (remember this post? And this? And this other one?)... Would be really nice to draw some more comics, but again... it has been so difficult to find the needed time!

I usually link up with Honest Mum.

Friday: Friday's thoughts

On Friday I shall ramble about current news, old news, and intimate thoughts, whatever my mind muses about...!
Basically it will work as an open category. I might even gather some courage and invite other bloggers to write a guest post! Or maybe feature an interview? I would love that... I do however need to gather some courage to do it!

On Fridays I link up with Verily Victorial Vocalizes.

Saturday: Baby and me, our day out!

On Saturdays we always go for an outing. I will be posting about our little adventures, and if we find a really cool outdoor place that is baby friendly I will blog about it, so that you can visit it too!

You can find me linking it at Coombe Mill!

Sunday: My Sunday Photo || The ordinary moments

I have been posting every Sunday a photo that describes an ordinary moment for a time now, and it´s something that I quite enjoy and have been quite consistent too!
I love this category, as by looking back, it´s so easy to remember this little moments that are so ordinary, but amazing at the same time! This is what our life is truly about, and these little moments are so worth remembering! Our life’s are only meaningful because of this little ordinary moments...

So I will continue to do this, and I always link this moment with Onedad3girls and mummydaddyme.

I will do my best to always post on Mondays and Sundays. And if I post on a daily basis (minus wednesdays)...Good for me, but that’s not a sure thing...! 
I am juggling so much at the moment that having two posts per week is quite an achievement!

Quite ambitious, right?
I am linking up:
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  1. Structuring blog posts like this sure make things easier, I have set posts for Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, that way you always know what is to come and have space for other random posts as well :)

    1. It does make some sense having it structured, and I think it also makes it easier to blog! I hope I am able to keep it going that way.... How is it working for you?

  2. That sounds like a good idea. It does make it easier to blog when you have some kind of a routine. Good luck and I am looking forward to your new posts!


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