14 August 2015

DIY Photo Canvas Montage

I can hardly believe that today is Friday already! This week slipped through my fingers...
It s so easy for time to fly by when you have always so much to do. Time is never enough!
I have to work out my life/work balance, because at the moment I feel that I am failing both. This week is not a good example though, as I am a bit under the weather...

That said, it did not prevented me for letting out a bit of creativity though... Although I told that I was thinking about doing some painting, today I will be sharing a completely different project: DIY photo collage on canvas... Don't ask... I know, I was planning to do some acrylic painting, and ended up doing something entirely different. Im my defence, I already had all the materials at home, so it actually saved me so money, instead of heading to an art store and bankrupting myself on doing so...

This project is quite easy to do, especially if you have all materials in hand. Its just a matter of arranging the photos on a way that you like! 

There are many youtube videos explaining the process now (like this one), so just I will be briefly describing the process.  

So here's what I used:
Black acrylic paint, pencil, rule, sponge, paint brush, large canvas, Modge Podge, and of course, photos! 

I measured the photos and draft roughly the places where they would be places. Painted black all around the canvas and gaps between those places:

As you can see, the black painting doesn't need to the perfect, however I was making sure that the gaps between the photos were completely filled with black paint.

Now, using modge podge I glued the photos onto the canvas, and then using modge podge again, I covered both photos and canvas:

I was not that careful while adding the modge podge onto the canvas, but I wasn't worried, as this spots would clear after completely dry. You can see on the photos that I have large spots of Modge Podge ( the quite large white spots)....

Afterwards, you can see the final product, a glossy canvas, and Modge  Podge will also add a little gloss on the black paint, quite cool...

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  1. I love putting together photo collages but never thought of doing them on canvas before so might have to try this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I think even I could make this, what a great idea. They are always so expensive to buy!


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