23 August 2015

My Monday Making: My ATC card is ready!

I finished my ATC!

It was a long work and since lately I found myself without any time to spare I was afraid that I wouldn't finish on time, but here it is completely finished and ready to be mailed:

I was inspired by Miro's painting Catalan Landscape. I absolutely love Miro's bold colour choices and his surrealistic vision.  I hope that my swap partner loves it too! Here are some more details:

Before I decided for this piece, I had some other choices:

But in the end I thought that this picture was looking more fun!
I will soon discover if my swap thought the same... 

What were you up this weekend?

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  1. Great work, these are beautiful :)

    Thanks for sharing at creative Mondays

  2. Your swap partner loves it! The stitching is beautiful. I love how the black details set off the colours. Thank you, Bekki.

  3. I really like your ATC, Ann. I was hoping to get it. :-) The colours, the shapes and the stitching are great and the back of the card is very detailed too.


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