08 August 2015

Our Saturday!

What a lovely sunny day we had today! And what a prolific day we had... Quite different from our previous Saturdays, I might add...
Our morning started quite early as usual, and I was feeling like having something special for breakfast, must be the GBBO effect, and so we started our day by baking scones. Of course, I had a little special helper with me for the entire process...:

The scones were really tasty, I might start a tradition now, as we both had lots on fun while baking. The little one is a keen observer and absolutely loves all things new! Baking with mummy was such new experience, he loved adding all the ingredients, mixing up the dough... And especially having a try of the final product!

After breakfast, we went outside, and enjoy the sunny weather with a bit of gardening... Daddy loves gardening, having a back garden is like having a new toy for this grownup! While daddy was gardening, the little one was having fun in the sun.

And to enjoy this weather and making the most of our garden today, nothing better than a little family BBQ! Sorry but no pictures to show this... We were enjoying ourselves and forgot to take some nice pictures! Next time!

Our day finished with some fun in the local playground, noticed the change of clothes? Someone enjoyed too much the BBQ and a quick change was demanded!

And how did your Saturday go? 
Did you enjoy the sunny day?

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  1. Anonymous10:26 am

    Awww sounds like a lovely time! We dont have a garden and wish that we have one especially when its summer! #countrykids

    1. Having a garden has been great, I never thought that I would be enjoying it this much! :)

  2. It looks like you had a very content Saturday enjoying life as a little family. It's lovely to see how your little enjoys his time with mummy daddy, I love the shot of him helping you bake, I'm sure that'll happen more often as he gets older. Kicking a ball about in the garden on a sunny afternoon is what Saturdays are all about, it's great to see him having fun, and fab shots of him on the swings to end your day too. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    1. Yes, we did enjoy a lovely Saturday, It must be to compensate for the last weekends, where we hardly had any fun! This little garden has been great for fun and outdoor activities. I am planning gardening with the little one next weekend, lets see if the weather allows it! :)
      Thank you for hosting!


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