13 April 2013

Blog as work in progress

Everytime I search the blogosphere, I see all these amazing and extremely talented blogs, with designs so beautiful, and then I see liittle ol´mine, and get really embarrassed.
yes, I am not slightly satisfied with my blog´s design, starting with the follow me icons for twitter, Pinterest and to rss feeds. Twitter´s button is the one that is giving me more trouble. I just wanted one either with the "t" or the bird, but Twitter´s choice for buttons don´t including these ones now. I don´t mind designing one for my  blog, the thing is, I still haven´t learned how to link the new button to the follow me on twitter link. In twitter´s help website they only show how to link to the buttons they offer (see it here), and the customization choices are really limited (just add/ remove your name, show/don´t show the number of followers and size). As you can see, the design is really limited! What is puzzling me is that when you copy the button´s code to your html gadget, I am not able to understand the code for the image, and so, I am not able to replace it. Really frustrating, and when I finally get I will know that will be this really easy step.... Until then this is just frustrating!
I am also thinking about simplifying the blog rolls that I have... I have several, divided according to themes, but I am thinking about just mixing all up.... I want to simplify the appearance of my blog, keeping it to the minimum.
SO I am guessing this weekend´s DIY will be my blogs design!

1 comment:

  1. Oi! Se precisares de ajuda para alterar o design do blog diz. Nos fizemos alterações relativamente profundas nos blogs PhotoXtrod; Costura Xtrodnaria e Think .

    Em relação aos icons...eu acho que só precisas de substituir os links das imagens e não precisas de te preocupar com o link do twitter...


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