15 April 2013

Meet my brand new......

Sewing machine!!!!

As I already blogged a long time a go, one of my wishes was to purchase a sewing machine. And.... I did it!
I had a few doubts about the machine I should purchase, as I am a beginner, and I don´t know a lot (practically anything) about sewing. My latests projects were done hand-stitching, and the blogosphere was  quite handy for me to learn hand sewing, all that I learn so far was thanks to blogs out there that have tutorials.

John Lewis web site does have a web-test on the type of machine that someone should purchase (find it here).  I found it quite useful as a machine guide. When I went there for purchasing the selected machine, the employees there were even more useful and thought me a few basic steps and how to use it!

So, I am less then a beginner when it comes to sewing... And even less when using a sewing machine, again I am so thankful to these amazing tutorials that show the basic steps on how to use a sewing machine! DIYdesign has these really good tutorials with a few videos that I am following (you can found these here). So I spent time getting to know my sewing machine, and getting the sense to the different stitches and I absolutely loved it! I can´t wait to try it for real, I have so many projects in my mind!
Here are a few examples of the stitches I sewed.... I used a leftover of fabric from my project "purse organizer" for this experiment...

Bear with me, as I explained I am less than a beginner! But I am improving with time, I can notice a difference, the final stitches (on the right) are done forming a really straight line!! Not bad for a first time right?

1 comment:

  1. Boa! Muitos projectos a caminho!
    Vais ver que com a prática fica bem mais fácil. O pior é quando a máquina 'encrava' e não percebes porquê. É o meu momento 'um burro a olhar para um palácio' :) Fazem falta as mães e as avós por perto para ajudar a resolver!


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