07 April 2013

Ramblings on yellow

Today I finally realized that Spring time arrived!

When walking around London, sprinkles of colours  flourished around the city, and one of this colours was undoubtedly dominant, yellow!

Usually I am not particularly fond of yellow, however this time I was really happy to see it, it represented that Spring time was definitely here.

This year Winter was really rough, I guess I was desperate for some warmth, even if it´s yellow...

Everywhere I looked, yellow was present. It began earlier in the morning, I visited the National Gallery, and re encountered my favourite painting, "Sunflowers" by Van Gogh.
This encounter inspired a search for yellow during the day.  I even purchased a new ring which design was based on the painting.

And any search would not be completed without my camera... here is the ring and my companion for the yellow search:


So here are a few examples of yellow features that I found today :

Ohhh....lovely yellow.....

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