08 January 2015

And 2015 Is already here!

I can´t believe that one year has passed already...!

On 23rd of December my lo completed one year.

One year is gone, and I still feel that he was born yesterday. Time is really flying by! 
He is growing way too fast...

And 2015 is here. I hardly can keep track of how much is happening...  

This Christmas was the first one that we could celebrate properly as a family. Really last year, even though it was the first Christmas  we spend with our little one,it was impossible to celebrate. It took me a lot of time to recover from labour, as I had some complications while giving birth. So,  we were still in the Hospital, and I hardly remember a thing... I look at every picture taken and I remember some parts of it, mostly I remember more feelings rather than proper memories... And mostly happy feelings!

So much partying has happened this last couple weeks, celebrating my little one´s first year, Christmas and New Year! And now I am trying to resume a normal routine after the holidays break, and trying to recover from all the partying that happened!

Am I the only one who feels that is in need of some vacation after the holidays?


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