23 January 2015

Fridays Thoughts: Why I think women should create a new campaign, “Create a page 4”


I will be blunt; I never gave too much thought to the #nomorepage3 campaign (read more about this movement here) until now. Actually, this matter was firstly mentioned by my other half a couple days ago, who asked me what I thought about it. I honestly replied that I never thought about it…  I am a woman, I also consider myself a feminist, and I am a mother who hopes to educate a respectful, mindful and considerate young man.  However in a world where gender inequality reigns, where unfortunately we find violence and disrespectfulness towards women daily splashed in the news, the Sun´s page 3 was not in my list of worries. 

I am unconvinced about certain aspects of this matter. We seem to be forgetting that this campaign is aiming to control an editorial line of a newspaper. I will not be dwelling on the fact that the freedom of speech may be an issue here, but I wish to highlight that I believe ending page 3 is not a solution for what campaigners aim to achieve. In my opinion, page three is not the main problem here. The problem at heart is a behavioral one. Let’s not forget that page three is reaching a large audience that is actively purchasing the newspaper. We aim to change how its audience receives, thinks and feels about page three. The ultimate goal is to educate page´s three consumers. And ending page three will not accomplish this. 

Nevertheless, and given yesterday´s twist and the exchanges of words between #nomorepage3 campaigners and glamour models, page three was heavily debated.  Along the way, social media was also subject to name shaming. Firstly, I would like to express how disappointing was to realize that women, feminists or not, so easily turn against each other. Instead of discussing a matter as important as the objectification of women, the debate diverted and no longer was constructive. Let’s consider both sides of the issue at hand: I understand that the Sun´s page three may be a way to models to earn money, and surely their occupation must be respected. And of course that we all are free to do whatever we wish with our own bodies! However, it still objectifies women in a sexual context though, moreover in a newspaper claimed to be a family one that obviously should promote family values. There’s no clear answer to the problem at hand, as both sides raise valid arguments.  

Yet, no more page three campaigners were cautiously shouting victory, until thisThursday. The Sun revealed once more a page three with a young topless model, claiming that they had a “mammary lapse”. It is obvious today that the demise of page three was never planned to happen (even during this short-lived hiatus, page three was always available online), and the whole event was a mere publicity stunt. Nothing more than an extremely patronizing publicity stunt. If before, glamour models never felt used, now they should feel cheated, as their defense for page three was clearly unnecessary, and they were mere pawns in this charade.

But a clear victim emerges from this mischief, and one I am sad to report, in total agreement with Claire Cohen, which is feminism. This event created a divide amongst women in general, and within feminists particularly. Between the ones that sided with the glamour models perspective (pop by London Mum blog to read more about a models view on this matter) and the side that feverously ranted against page3 (read more here). On the brighter side I was deeply pleased when realized that the men are supporting the women´s position on this matter! See how they are showing “TheSun” their support!

This brings me back to my opening title. There could be a solution to bridge this divide, one that should appease all sides, “The Sun”  included… And that is:
Let’s not finish with page three at all! 

Why not create a page 4? One solely dedicated to male glamour models… 

Feminists would be pleased that inequality would be partially addressed as “The Sun” would be objectifying men as well women. 

Glamour models would be relieved as their work spot would be spared. It would also create more job opportunities. 

“The Sun” would be happy as their revenues might even go up! They would be reaching to a whole new audience after all.

This is an entirely new perspective on how to consider this issue. I would certainly like to see how the male audience would receive this brand new page, or even how the editorial line would react to the idea. Would they welcome it? Would they shuffle it? Refuse it altogether?

If the idea is refused altogether, what are the reasons for its refusal? So it is alright to have a page three but not a page four? Why is that?

Along the way some claim that women are overly sensitive towards page three. Either having, or not having a page three counterpart would certainly shed some light! 

I am mostly interested on how the male audience would feel about a possible page four? Would they feel insulted? Would they feel objectified? Would they enjoy it? 

A page four would raise an entirely new set of questions, but would certainly be an eye opener for a broader audience. And would really be an historical moment. One where men are truly equal to women, in the newspaper page level. I definitely want a page four to be created!

 What’s your opinion on the matter? What do you think about a page four on “The Sun”?

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  1. Anonymous9:25 am

    Agree! Lets balance things. I think that this is a nice solution. We cant stop them from printing those and then why not add more to balance things. #pocolo

    1. It would definitely bring some balance! :) x

  2. I was so surprised at how many women fought over this.I had a couple of healthy debates on Facebook but thankfully it didn't turn nasty. I think a page 4 poses a really interesting question - I can't see Murdoch ever agreeing to it though! Typical lecherous man if you ask me! Thank you for the lovely comment about me - and for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. It would be an interesting scenario! I am more curious about their reactions....
      Not that for an instant I believe that would come true, but is does raises some questions why not....

      You´re most welcome, and thank you for hosting!


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