20 January 2015

Magnolia reviews: Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender

My baby now is one year old, and we have been going through some ups and downs when tackling weaning...

But there’s one purchase that we made that has been incredibly helpful in preparing well-balanced and diversified meals for my cute baby boy, and that is Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender.

I use it every day to prepare his meals but then I usually cook on a daily basis. So the blender size is great when it comes to prepare my baby's meals, and I usually can get two portions from it (for my 1 year old now I get two portions, when he was younger I could easily get four portions from its cup). Do bear in mind that the cup size is small (it is a mini blender after all!) but as I previous mentioned, I am interested in keeping diversified meals, so I wouldn't be cooking large portions anyway! If you are expecting to use it to blend larger portions (for instances to freeze and user later) I would recommend that you choose a different tool for this purpose.

When blending, you can select two different speeds, and it also has a pulse action where you are in total control. This way I can easily control the food texture, from lumpy food or mash it completely.
I also have to add that the blender is a bit loud. My little one is definitely not happy with its sound when I am using it… But again he is not a big fan of other loud sounds!

The blenders cup, lid and blade is dishwasher safe, which is also very helpful. 

I typically use it often for snacks, as fruit smoothies. And here’s my mango smoothie recipe as an example!

1 natural flavoured yogurt (125g)
 Mango (you will use approximately ¼ of a regular size mango)

Cut your mango into small portions, add it to Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender cup. Add the yogurt. Blend it!

And it’s easy as that! 
See your little one enjoy his just prepared smoothie!

There’s one other fact that I would also like to add, related to Tomme Tippee’s costumer service: they are incredibly helpful! 
When I first purchased the blender I had a small misfortune with the blade, and I had to contact Tommee Tippee's consumer service online for a new one. Almost immediately they contacted me back and I received a new one two days afterwards. 

I believe that this blender is a very good product, its definitely a good value for your money and I recomend it. I am using it almost daily for roughly 7 months and it still performs as   its first day.  In conclusion, I am very happy with my Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender!

You can buy it on several stores as MothercareASDA or Amazon. I got mine at ASDA, as it was on sale at the time.
Check Tommee Tippee´s website for more informatins about Tommee Tippee Explora Baby FoodBlender. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid or offered any products to write this review, and I have no material connection to the brand, products or services mentioned above. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love making smoothies for my little ones! You can hide so much healthy stuff in there and they love it!!

    1. Smoothies are the perfect health snack, and there are so many variations that you can make!!

  2. That looks like a great piece of equipment, and yeah for good customer service! Very important!!!

    1. good costumer service is a must really, I have to say that they left me really supreised and impressed by how fast they returned my e-mail and resolved my issue! :)


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