12 January 2015

Baby and Me: Who knew babies are tech savvies?


I don´t know if you follow me on tweeter, if you are, a while back I had a curious tweet that might have left you confused... If you don´t follow me, here´s the picture of the tweet I am talking about:

But I did not tweet this. My little one year  old (!) tweet it for me!

Indeed. My. Baby. Tweets!! 

I have no idea how he was able to do this, but he somehow managed to unblock my mobile, access my Tweeter app, and tweet! Really! It took me some time to learn how to do this (I am sorry but I am definitely not a tech savvy, some (many!) technologies do take me some time to understand/handle and only after a considerable amount of time, I am able to use it reasonably). 

But for my one(!) year old baby it was a matter of seconds.... 

It is not uncommon for babies to be fascinated with mobiles/remotes/laptops/I-Pads, which is why when my baby is fussy and I am lacking on bright ideas on how to keep him busy/happy I usually give him my mobile blocked, and it keeps him happy/busy for some time. But this time he managed to unblock the mobile and tweet! So now I have one less fascinating item to give him as it is no longer safe. Who knows, next time he might be e-mailing, on facebook or what else...
I am keeping this tweet... It is his very first tweet ever!

I guess in a few months time he will be handing me some tech tips.... 

Do you have some tech stories of you little one?

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  1. Anonymous5:17 am

    Haha my son loves instagram! He would always ask me how many likes did our photo get =P


    1. hahaha! Already media aware!!! :)

  2. Such clever little ones! Ha! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please add my badge or link back if you can, thanks x

    1. yap, they sure are! So sorry I forgot the badge! Done! :) x


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