29 April 2015

Writing down future projects...

future projects

I am swamped at work at the moment, and maybe precisely because of that my mind is swirling with ideas for new projects... I have noticed that these two happenings go hand in hand: exhausted at work, inspiration for new crafts!

I believe that my crafts are an escape for my work... But as I am so tired at the moment, and due to lack of time there´s no way I can even dare to begin any of those anytime soon. But to pace down my need to craft/sew/embroidery I will write down my next projects...

1. Sew a pair of dungarees to both my nephew and lo
    A friend of mine gave me leftovers curderoy that will go nicely as dungarees. I have the pattern already printed, so I just need to sit down and begin to cutting pieces...

2. Make a lunch box
    This project is on my mind for years now! I already have all the materials needed, PUL fabric, insulating material.... And I actually have to make one fast, as my lo needs to bring his tea to the nursery every day and so if I have a proper lunch box so that he can have a large variety of choices.

3. Re-upholstering chairs...
    Another old project... Again, I have the fabrics... It´s a matter of disassembling the chairs and substitute the fabric. Have to check if the foam needs replacement too though...

4. Embroidery part of this image:

embroidery fabric cute pattern birds

 I have fallen in love with this fabric pattern (I forgot the name of it I´m afraid...once I remember I will write it down and attribute the source), and I think that this would be lovely as an embroidery wall-art...

And that´s it for now... I am not that ambitious in my crafts am I? Although I am pretty sure that I am missing a project or two..


  1. Isn't it hard, so much to do that you can't get to the things that you want to do? Then when I have time I can't think of anything. Good for you writing them down, you won't forget like I do! I love that fabric pattern too, it is lovely, I am sure it will make a lovely embroidery.

    1. So very true! This might be common among crafts loving people then! That pattern is so lovely isn´t it? I still don´t know it´s name I´m afraid!

  2. Oh I love that fabric too - where is it from? Would be gorgeous with some feather embroidery/tiny beads/sequins.... Great idea!

    1. I really have to find the source, but I know now that this belongs to theCottage Gardens series, "Cottage birds teal" by Quilted Fish, for Riley Blake. You can order online, from http://thefabricfrieze.co.uk.
      xx Ann

  3. BTW, I just wanted to tell you that I love your site, it is so simplistic, but gorgeous. Love it.

    1. Thank you so much! I really went for a clean look :) x


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