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31 October 2014

Baby and me: The world´s cutest alarm clock!

 I read a while back an article comparing life pre and post-parenthood. There’s on characteristic in particular that I miss. Again related with sleeping: the weekends late wake ups or the typical weekend slumber.... 

You see, I have the cutest alarm clock that works wonders when it’s early morning! I love the way it works for the typical weekday. I mean, it does not allow snoozing, it’s guaranteed that when it’s time for you to wake up, you will definitely wake up...!  So there’s no dozing off, and then realize that you are incredibly late (you may be late, but for other reasons, not the extra sleeping time)!

There’s one catch though. It does not distinguish a weekday from the weekends... And so, everyday around 7am the alarm rings! Time for wakey-wakey!

Yes, my little one is the cutest alarm clock! I just hope that soon enough he learns the notion about weekends! And maybe he does? Because during the weekends he usually gets up earlier...Maybe he knows that during the weekends he has his mummy and daddy all for himself, and so he wants the extra time with us! And well, there goes the extra hour sleep... But its worth it! An extra hour with our little one! We have to treasure this little times, as I have been told over and over again, they go quite fast! In the other hand... oh, slumbering during weekends I do miss it!

And what about you?  Do you have a cute wake up call?


  1. Oh yes, I have one of these alarm clocks. Unfortunately mine is defective and goes off intermittently throughout the night! x

    1. Ohh! There was a time when my little alarm was also in need of maintenance all through the night... Eventually the maintenance worked and then he was working just fine! ;)
      Hoping the same will happen with yours! x

  2. I miss my Sunday mornings also...and having a full meal or simply going to the bath alone! But these little ones are so full of joy and energy that I'm actually considering in start taking bottles again :-)

    1. LOL! I already forgot the luxury it was of going to the bathroom alone....! But just a tiny small and it’s all worth it! :) ! I also wandered where on earth they get all the energy!x


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