30 October 2014

DIY tutorial: 5 min Halloween banner

Halloween is tomorrow! yeahhh!
I have no decorations at all! Noooo....
So I had to come up with something really fast and easy to make! There are these beautiful banners around the net... Don´t expect mine to be one of those! Here is a visual of mine:

As you can see my banner is just a quick version so that my house was not the only one without any Halloween decorations at all! Yes, you could just stop by any Poundland or Asda shop to buy something, but let’s be real, the decorations in the shops are just...well, definitely not my cup of tea!
Here´s how I made it:


It was an easy process!

1. I quickly draw something in basic software (Paint.Net) and print it out! (it took me just a couple of minutes, honestly!)
 2. Then I cut out the letters
3.      Used 2 coloured ribbons, and just taped the letters to the ribbons
4.       Then just attached it to the door! Now tomorrow the little ones will know that our house is available for some trick or treat!

What about you? Ready for Halloween tomorrow?


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