22 October 2014

DIY tutorial and template: Felt gift box

A while back I found a lovely picture of a felt gift box from the Internet, that inspired my template for this cute felt gift box.  I will be sharing this template, along with a photographic tutorial. These little felt gift boxes can be made with felt, craft paper, or other material, experiment, go crazy!

And here is how to make it:
1. Print and then cut the paper template and draw it on the felt finaly cut the felt.
2. Punch two sides of the felt box (the correct places where to puch are located in the template)
3.Select a cute ribbon that matches the colour of the felt
4. Pass the ribbon thru the puched holes
5. Make a bow using the ribbon
6 and 7. Trim the ribbon ends

And your box is done!

If you have any questions feel free to comment, I will help you any way I can!

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