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27 October 2014

Scarves are a mum´s best friends!

I am still struggling with my post-pregnancy body shape... It has been 10 months and I still exhibit a mummy´s tummy! I know that I should be making some effort in exercising, but... I have so much in my plate right now, that I have no time or strength to make an effort to do it once I am home. And when home, my time is always consumed by my little one!

So a solution for this when tehere´s no time to exercise.... I turn to the second best thing: body camouflage! And what better way to do it than by diverting attention from my mummy tummy by accessorizing? And hence the scarves....  I have been piling up scarves during my pregnancy. At the moment I own quite a collection...

If you don´t have a huge collection (and even if I mentioned that I have quite a collection, I don´t have a huge one) there´s a way to maximize the scarves look  by using them in different ways. And here enters Wendy from Wendy´s lookbook. She is one of my favourite fashion bloggers, she is so imaginative when mixing up looks, layering and in hairstyling!

This video that I am posting from her is an ´oldie´, but I always watch it to get ideas about how to wear a scarf differently:


Hope this video gives you some ideas about how to wear scarfs!

Scarves present many other advantages for a mum besides camouflaging your tummy... :

Do you need some privacy when breastfeeding? Use a scarf while breastfeeding!
Your baby spat all over your top and you don´t have an extra one? Cover the spots with a scarf!
It´s cold and you forgot your baby´s blanket? The scarf  will substitute it!
Your baby is bored and you don´t have more toys to entertain? Scarf will keep your baby busy, particularly if it has some fringes...

Scarves are the ultimate mummy´s best friend!
Do you have any other ideas on how to use scarves?


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