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21 November 2014

Baby and me: Friday night before baby and after baby (or a regular day!)

This post is the second episode of my pre-motherhood versus post-mother hood series... Part of my comics series, cute baby boy and me!
I was supposed to post it on Wednesday... Let’s just say that my cute baby boy was not keen on letting me go out of his sight... This week was a really terrible  one and only today I had a few minutes for myself, and so here it is:

Baby and me, how my Fridays night use to be and how they are now...or how any other week night is to be honest!

On a Friday, my other half use to invite me for some dinner and so often a movie... A few days ago we watched a trailer and I said “I would like to see this movie, do you think we can watch it?” We both just laughed  with the idea! Oh movies night! Where those are today...

Before cute baby boy, we could arrange some time to meet some at place in the city after work and go for a walk... Now we just meet at home to have some time to play with our little one before bedtime....! It’s not a bad change; we both really love to play with him! We usually leave to living room in a chaos state, with cute baby´s toys spread around!

The afternoon would turn into early evening, and our date usually meant that we would go out for dinner...  Now we divide our efforts for a smooth night, I usually prepare dinner for baby while my other half bathes him. Cute baby boy just loves bath time! It usually means that the bathroom almost turns into a lake with all the splashing around (cute baby´s dad also loves to splash around)!!

After dinner why not a movie? The possibilities were endless; it was just what we would feel like, movies, pub....

Now its all about cute baby, his dinner... And this will be another episode! Oh the tales about feeding cute baby boy!

And after movie the night would go on! Again infinite possibilities...
...Now?? We are so exhausted by 20pm we are we just fall asleep!
...not even bothered to leave the sofa!

How about you? Do you manage to have some date nights? Please do tell me your secret! Because at the moment we are both so exhausted that just laying in the sofa is mere heaven...

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  1. Haven't managed any 'date' nights just the two of us yet... but we did go out to dinner a couple weeks ago and baby slept through the whole thing! That felt pretty date-ey. :-)

    1. You are so lucky! I never have such luck...My little one usually awakes precisely when we start to eat...! Just for a little hello there, I am here!! :) x

  2. The date nights will come back...eventually... give it a few years or 10! Thank you for linking up to #PoCoLo :) x

    1. Hahah! So soon? ;) Thank you for having me on #POCOLO! :)x

  3. Ha, movie nights, I remember those... these days if we escape for dinner its a total treat!


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