23 November 2014

Baby and me: {the ordinary moments} chasing a baby

This was how I spent part of my weekend:

Chasing a cute baby boy.

Now I am exhausted. I just feel that I run the marathon.

How about you? Do you also feel that you are running miles chasing your baby?

I am liking up with this amazing blogger:


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  1. I can imagine the exhaustion (I don't think there is a better form of exercise than running around after a toddler all weekend) but he is a very cute baby! Popping over from #theordinarymoments

    1. haha! Before this weekend, I always thought that I wasn’t exercising at all, I couldn’t be more wrong...this is tougher than cardio!

  2. Haha I don't think there is any better form of exercise than baby chasing! So exhausting when they are first on the move. Then completely different challenges when they are walking! Good luck. ;) x

    1. So true! I am so scared about the next milestone, walking!!! thanks! :) x


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