24 November 2014

The stomach bug cycle!

This past week was a rough week, to say the least. I hardly believe that today is actually Monday... And Saturday was my birthday, and it didn’t felt as birthday at all... On top of that a brand new and really busy week will be beginning tomorrow and I am not prepared at all for what is coming!

So what happened this past week exactly? 

The stomach bug cycle happened! And how does this cycle works...? Well, on a family of three, when one is taken ill, eventually everyone will be ill as well! The cycle began with my little one that was taken ill on Saturday last week.  And this stomach bug cycle had a heavy toll on me, as I had to look after him and miss work this whole week.... 

So, this cycle started with my little one on Saturday... continued with me on Wednesday... and on Saturday was my other half’s turn! While I recovered almost completely on Thursday, on Sunday my husband was still on a mend. The little man was sick for most of the week. So, during the weekend I was looking after both my little man and big man! 

And there goes my birthday...  cleaning up after my little man and my big man when they were sick... Those weren´t exactly memorable moments, for my first birthday as mum, I received as gifts a sick husband and a cranky baby! I can try to look on bright side. I was given the opportunity to sleep in until later (the little one only woke up around 11am, since he was waking up when unwell, basically every other hour), and the privilege of spending the whole day alone with my little cranky man (since my big man was in bed for the entire day trying to recover)....

And after this terrible week, I am having a major meeting on Tuesday, for which I am not prepared at all!  And this is another thing that I am just realizing.... Whenever you are the busiest and crammed with work, your little one will get sick. This also happened to me a couple of times....! Babies do have an uncanny sense of opportunity....

But I was promised a decent celebration next week! Let’s see if we are all fully recovered from this stomach bug cycle then!

Did you ever experience a stomach bug cycle?

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