24 April 2015

Easter Holidays! - part 2

I am finally posting the second and final instalment of my Easter break... And it will be all about the little activities we have done with our little one. Being in Portugal meant that the weather was great, it was sunny, really warm and so we were able to properly embrance outdoor living!

We went to the beach a couple times, and enjoyed long walks on local parks... And our little human was able to have a proper taste of warm weather!

We discovered that our mini-person absolutely loves slides, after we helped him sliding down, he would immediately try to go up again for a second run...

I was able to dress him with  spring-summer outfits that we had purchased a while back. Those mini-Toms we bought last year at M&S but we were never able to use them until now... How cute are those stars?

Last time that we were on the beach our baby didn´t like at all feeling the sand... This time? he thoroughly enjoyed it! We were not prepared for the beach, as we didn´t have any beach-sand toys, but a really nice lady lend our baby a star-shaped form for him to play with. He absolutely loved it! But mostly, he loved to destroy mummy´s star shaped sand forms...

It was a lot of fun...
Already missing those warm days...

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  1. those shoes are so cute! My little girl adores slides at the moment too. She's terrified of swings but slides are great. #countrykids xxx

    1. mine loves all, slides, swings... :) x

  2. What a kind lady to lend you the star, it looks just what your little person needed to enjoy his sand experience. Looks like you times your holiday perfectly for the best of the spring weather. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

    1. yes, she was lovely really! ...we were so lucky with the weather! it was fantastic...
      Thank you for hosting!
      :) x

  3. Anonymous10:56 am

    Oooh, sounds like a lovely holiday and together in the sunshine :) Popping over from Country Kids

  4. Sounds like a nice day out, I love it when they start to explore sand and enjoy it.

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