18 April 2015

Not so much a regular Saturday

  Ever since we returned from holidays it has been hectic. I was expecting it to be like this... 
But its taking a bit of a harder toll than anticipated. So I am late posting all posts that I was writing, as my second and final instalment of my Easter break, and one other post updating my developments on my ATC....

And so what has been happening?
For the very first time me and my little one are on our own. Dad is attending a conference and so he is away for a bit. And the little one is missing his father (as so is his mother!). This is harder on my little one, as besides having to readjust to the old routine after a break, he is missing his daddy. Its his first time being away from his father for so long...

To sooth missing dad, we went for a nice and fun walk! So today as the day was simply fantastic we went for a walk at the local common...  We took a ride on the swing... And since the weather was so warm and sunny (even though a bit windy) we also had a sweet treat, we had an ice-cream!

baby ice-cream
But today was not all about fun times... Honestly, I have no idea how single parents cope with all the hardship that sometimes parenting entails. I am on my own for just a couple days and I am simply exhausted. Even more exhausted than usual... All this sudden changes are having a huge impact on my baby´s behaviour.... He is more clingy, and seeking, needing my full attention... I think that since he is not seeing his daddy every day as usual, he may think that I might be going too... Tonight while I was putting him in his bed, his clenched my hands so hard. It was sweet and heartbreaking simultaneously. He doesn't grab my hands as this, I feel that he was scared that I would disappear on him too... I stayed holding his hands until he was fast asleep. Only then his grab got loose...

Lets see how future days go. But I am afraid that my projects and my work will be suffering this week....
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  1. Wow, your photos are gorgeous! I can't imagine being a single parent. I'm almost never alone with the baby and I'm still completely shattered!


    1. thank you!Single parents must be amazing to handle all this...
      Shattered, I know that feeling so well.... x

  2. Anonymous2:30 am

    I can't imagine where Single parents get their strength from either! My husband is leaving for a business trip at the end of this month, and I am dreading the exhaustion of looking after Baby Z on my own!! #sundaystars

    1. I am sure it will all be fine! Coffee always helps! ;) x


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