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12 April 2015

Easter holidays! - Part one

Happy Easter everyone...!

I know, this is shuch a late Easter greeting... And I am terrible sorry about my silence, buuuuuuttttt..... We were enjoying a well deserved  short holiday in Portugal....!

This Easter break is also a way of celebrating our 9 years of marriage as well... We were married on the 1st of April! I know it´s April Fools´ Day, but is also one of the most  important days in my life. It´s really incredible that we are married for so long, I can´t hardly believe it as I feel that we just said our vows yesterday...! I have been so hapilly married.... Sure we have our ups and downs and as a couple we have our disagreements and our problems. And sometimes it can be difficult to compromise, but overall I feel that my other half does indulge me....

We had a lovely anniversary, went out for lunch at a local cervejaria and also enjoyed all that Lisbon has to offer culturally.


We also visited Jerónimos Monastery, which  is simply beautiful!
Near the Monastery lies Lisbon´s  most famous pastelaria,  Pastéis de Belém.

Oh, these were delicious.... It´s Easter break, and there´s no room for any diets.. I believe that I put on several pounds with all the food I had in Portugal!
We also went for a walk in Lisbon centre, the weather was amazing, really sunny we stopped for an ice cream too...

 So many flavours! What to choose?? Decisions, decisions...

This is the view from Rua Augusta, near the ice-cream shop. We walked down-town, known as Baixa. Actually I was also looking for some Portuguese vintage haberdasheries, but couldn´t find it... I was looking in the wrong place, bummer. I found that out once I was returning from our walk, and found the haberdasheries and some fabric shops. Once a crafter we never stop thinking about new projects, not even on vacation...

We are so lucky,overall the weather is warm and sunny, so it has been possible to go to the seaside and play down on the beach! The little one played with the sand and explored his artistic side as well...
It´s still a bit too cold to go for a swim, but we had a taste of the sea too...

I also purchased one of my White stuff crushes, the reversible skirt. Actually it was a Mother´s day late gift... and it has been perfect for the Portuguese sunny weather!  I have been wearing it almost daily!
 And to present my skirt here is my latest experience with my blog, I am posting my skirt as an animated giff image... I hope it works...!

How was your Easter break? I hope you had fun!

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  1. What a fabulous place to visit and gorgeous photos to show it off. I think I would also put on weight with all that great food to tempt me.
    Thank you for linking up with #TimeTraveller I have really enjoyed reading about your anniversary holiday.

    1. Lisbon is a beautiful city, with great places to visit... and the food, simply amazing :)
      Thank you for hosting! x

  2. Lisbon is absolutely on my places to visit v soon. Your photos are fabulous, and that food! #timetraveller

    1. You definitely should visit! I strongly recommend it :) x


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